Jakarta Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Jakarta

With so much variety of food to choose from in this bustling city it can be hard to know where to start, but Jakarta pizza is a good choice.

The city offers everything from classic Italian-style pizza through to New York slices and everything in between, so all sorts of pie-lovers will be happy here. It’s a delicious carb-fest.

All you have to do is work up an appetite, grab a friend and get ready to eat some of the best Jakarta pizza you could ever imagine…

Best pizza in JakartaHow do these rankings work?

1. Pizza e Birra

As the name suggests, they focus on pizza and beer and are seriously good at both of them. The pizzas are thin and crispy and made for sharing, which makes it the perfect place to visit with friends.

Add in sports on the TVs and a solid selection of great craft beers and you will be in heaven.

Jakarta Pizza

2. Pizza Marzano

Pizza Marzano is part of a popular chain that you might spot in other countries in the world, but their stores feel homely and unique.

You can choose from several different styles of pizza, including the thickness of your base and dozens of fresh and delicious toppings.

Pizza Marzano Jakarta

3. Pizza Place

This is a small pizza store that is absolutely full of character, passion and quality. You can see the pizzas being tossed in front of you which adds to the character.

Their pies are very New York in style, with thin bases and huge slices that are so big they cover the entire paper plate.

4. Pizzeria Cavalese

A bright and tasteful room where people flock to again and again for both their amazing pasta dishes and their fresh pizzas.

The bases are thin, crispy and loaded with cheese, giving them that wonderful fresh gooey texture we all love.

Jakarta Pizza

5. Rosso

Some of the very best Italian cooking in the whole city is at this Italian restaurant in the Shangri-La hotel. The menu is Southern Italian in style, with pizza toppings such as creamy buffalo mozzarella and squid.

This is the sort of place you come for a special treat with friends and linger over a couple of extra glasses of wine.

6. Caffe Milano

A classic Milanese trattoria where you feel as if you are actually in Italy. You’ll find everything classic on the menu, from pastas and meats to fresh fish and even lobster specials.

Our advice? Ignore everything else and focus in on their world-class pizzas. They’re too good to miss out on.

7. Trattoria Gran Rubina

With restaurants in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore they really are bringing quality Italian cooking to the masses.

The pizzas are thin and crispy, with lots of imaginative toppings that will keep you coming back on a regular basis. These pizzas are popular for good reason.

Big 7 Travel Team