Delicious Japanese Bamboo Noodle Slide

Daily Drool #11: Japanese Bamboo Noodle Slide

We’re used to seeing highly unusual and brilliant food concepts originating Japan, but nothing is more creative than this Japanese bamboo noodle slide. Just let that sink in for a second: a bamboo noodle slide. 

Just when you think you’ve seen every food trend there is, along comes something completely new, totally Instagram worthy and actually delicious, too.

Before we tell you where it is, how it works and what *exactly* you are eating, you’ll need to watch the Japanese bamboo noodle slide in action…

Okay, ready for more info or are you still watching this on loop? Deep breaths. You’ll find these noodles near the Japanese city of Kyoto at a mountain-top restaurant called Hirobun. The noodles themselves are Nagashi Somen or “flowing noodles”, and you “catch, dip and eat” them.

It’s a traditional and fun way of eating noodles – the noodles cool down in the icy water and are a tasty snack in the summer.

Once you catch them you dip them in a soy sauce broth that you are provided with. You sit with a group of friends and the sessions typically last 15 minutes. It’s a quick-fire noodle adventure.

You better be seriously skilled with those chopsticks, otherwise the noodles are going to go shooting past you and leave you empty handed…

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Many people have pointed out on social media that there are serious hygiene concerns with this way of serving food. The restaurant though, assure you that if noodles are missed by the diners’ chopsticks they are not reused and everything is cleaned between sessions.

You can see the noodles in more detail in this video…

This really is a truly once in a lifetime dining experience. You get to listen to the waterfalls just behind the noodle shoot too, which only makes it more atmospheric.

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Nagashi Somen is a unique way of serving the thin white noodle via flowing cold water, conventionally slide down from sliced bamboo pipe. Diners will have to use chopstick to pick up the noodles as they float down from the bamboo pipe, dip them into cold dipping sauce before eating, as would the way they eat cold soba. Hirobun in Kibune area of Kyoto is probably the most famous place that offers nagashi somen. Also offered with matcha #warabimochi. This is an experience you cannot miss in Kyoto! (Line gets really long, make sure to arrive before 10:30am to avoid 2h+ wait time) #hirobun #nagashisomen #流水素面 #japanesefood #japan #japantrip #foodie #foodporn #foodphotography #foodstagram #foodiesofinstagram #torontofoodies #kyoto #kyotofood #kibune #kifune #foodblogger #travel #travelblogger

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