The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Jersey City

Ah, chicken wings. They’re one of life’s greatest delights, especially if you’re a lover of beer and all things related to local bars and bar bites. Simple yet complex, quick yet filling enough for a full meal. In short, they’re fantastic, if you know where to find the best that is.

And, if you’re headed to Jersey City then you’re in for a real treat. The chicken wings here are amongst the best chicken wings in America. They’re crispy, tender, saucy, sweet and sometimes even hotter than you might be able to handle.

Is your mouth watering yet? Good. You’re going to need to work up an appetite just to ensure you’re able to devour your way through the best chicken wings in Jersey City. Here are seven spots where you can treat yourself to the absolute best of the best.

Best Chicken Wings In Jersey CityHow do these rankings work?

1. White Star Bar

White Star Bar is a pretty iconic place to get some of the best chicken wings in Jersey City. Stop by here on a Sunday for great beer, lots of sports on the TVs and a round or two of some wings. They make things easy here, only offering two choices of flavours. Get the Buffalo or House BBQ sauces. Or, as we suggest, get them both and enjoy mixing the flavours together with a tasty local beer.

Best Chicken Wings In Jersey City

2. Wingin’ It

Travelling through Jersey City and just wingin’ it in terms of where you’re going to eat for dinner? We get it. Wing it and get your butt on over to Wingin’ It. This local spot serves up some seriously tasty wings. They’ve got easily one of the biggest selections of sauces on this list. Try everything from Apple and Hickory BBQ straight on through to Strawberry Habañero and Jack Daniels. They’re all out of this world.

Best Chicken Wings In Jersey City

3. Würstbar

As the name suggests, this local bar is well-known for its fantastic array of sausages they serve up. And, while you’re definitely going to want to stop by for a sample, their chicken wings are just as flavourful. They’re perfectly tender and juicy. Choose from Sweet Tangy BBQ, Hot Spicy Buffalo, Alabama White or Thai Chilli. The Alabama White is a favourite, especially if you’re a fan of Southern-style BBQ.

Best Chicken Wings In Jersey City

4. Hudson Hall

Hudson Hall is worth a visit whether or not you’re going to treat yourself to some wings. The pub emits a bit of historic charm, a hotspot for locals to enjoy a round of two of beer along with some fantastic bar bites. Their Haus Wings are smoked and come in just two flavours, Dry Rub or Buffalo. Looking for more wing options? Their Bao Chicka Bao Wow is served on with spicy sauce in a bao bun. It’s delicious.

Where to Eat Wings In Jersey

5. Left Bank Burger Bar

Craving both burgers and wings? Left Bank Burger Bar is the spot for you. This trendy burger bar in Jersey City serves up some seriously mouthwatering burgers. They’re thick, juicy and full of crazy inventive toppings. But, their wings are just as great. Order a round of their iconic hot wings before devouring your burger. They’re delightfully spicy.

6. South House

Few things go better together than fried chicken and waffles. And, South House is the spot for chicken and waffles in Jersey City. Whether you’re here for brunch or dinner, order anything with chicken wings off of their menu. For dinner, they offer tempting BBQ wings featuring Grandpo’s dry rub and your choice of sweet or spicy sauce on the side. You’ll be ordering seconds, that’s for sure.

7. Heavenly Chicken & Ribs

It’s all in the name. Here, count on enjoying some of the state’s finest fried chicken and rib meals. From Southern-style pork ribs and equally tasty sides, this is one of the best spots in Jersey for a true, authentic Southern meal. Be sure to sample the wings, which come with nearly 20 choices for sauces. Jamaican Jerk, Inferno, Honey Hickory and Mustard BBQ are all incredibly flavourful.

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