Kebabs in Scotland

The 7 Best Kebabs In Scotland

Kebabs in Scotland are one of those dishes that you simply have to try when in the country. Some countries just do them better than others, and no visit here would be complete without one.

From high-end Turkish-style meats cooked in sit down restaurants, to a kebab you grab on the way home from the pub, Scotland has amazing shawarmas, flat breads, meaty loaded fries and pita breads… Whatever way you like your kebab you’ll find something here that will have you drooling.

Ready to try one of the very best kebabs in Scotland… We know we are…

The Best Kebabs in ScotlandHow do these rankings work?

1. ‘BABS – Glasgow

Babs strives to create great street food dishes that make the most of seasonal and ethical produce. They also aim to respect the kebab’s culinary Greek, Turkish and Levantine heritage.

The cooking happening here is truly redefining what people expect from a kebab. You will leave here with your mind absolutely blown and already be planning your next visit. Out-of-this-world good.

Kebabs in Scotland

2. Döner Haus – Glasgow

Their aim was to bring some of the very best Berlin style food to Glasgow and they’ve achieved that in style. The menu is a mixture of Berlin döner, currywurst, great beers and tasty cocktails.

Our advice? Ignore everything else and zero straight in on the kebab. Either with bread or chips, it is an absolute triumph.

Kebabs in Scotland

3. Verdo – Edinburgh

They offer simple yet delicious well-executed Mediterranean mezze, kebabs and specials on a daily basis that are utterly delicious.

You will smell the chargrill and be licking your lips in anticipation as soon as you walk in the door. The portions are super generous, so make sure to work up an appetite before you come here.

Scottish Kebab

4. German Doner Kebab – Dundee

The Germans know a thing or two about kebabs and this chain has been warmly embraced by locals. They have a huge range of options on the menu but a Berlin doner is their true star.

You can have the kebab meat either as part of a wrap, or loaded onto chips with great sauces on the side. Absolute heaven.

5. Kebab Mahal – Edinburgh

They have been operating for over 30 years so they know a thing or two about making great kebabs. They serve a mixture of Indian, Halal, pizza and kebabs and do so late into the night.

The quality of their skewered meat is what really sets them apart. Fresh, juicy and utterly succulent.

6. Nargile – Aberdeen

Nargile serves a menu of authentic Middle Eastern dishes all freshly prepared using only the freshest local produce. To ensure an authentic flavour in all of their dishes they import many of the herbs and spices.

Their meat is cooked over open flames, which gives it that wonderful charred texture on the outside while being perfectly tender on the inside. Divine.

7. Mezzidakia – Glasgow

Their flavours are inspired from the dishes of Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, Persia and Greece. It is a real culinary journey through the Eastern Mediterranean.

Their gyros and kebabs are packed full of the finest of ingredients. These kebabs are a step above what you’d get in 90% of other venues; although it is a more fine dining style setting you will still grab them in two hands and devour every single bite.

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