Kentucky Slang

7 Kentucky Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

If you’re spending some time in the state, you will want to know these Kentucky slang words to help you speak like a local. From great road trips to tasty burgers, as well as enjoyable cities like Louisville, this is a state you will want to get to know a whole lot better.

The Best Kentucky Slang Words

1. Dirty Bird = KFC

Slang for KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Kentucky Slang

2. Betty = Dessert

You might think it’s a name of a woman, but in Kentucky it’s a tasty dessert called a Brown Betty that’s similar to a crumble or cobbler.

3. Bluegrass = Kentucky

What the state is referred to as by locals.

4. I haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays = A long time

“I haven’t seen that kid in a month of Sundays!”

5. Fair to middling = Doing OK

Response to how are you? which means ‘I’m doing so-so/okay.’

6. Tump = Tip over

Combination of tip and dump, eg “Don’t tump that mug over.”

7. Butter my butt and call me a biscuit! = Unbelievable

An expression of astonishment upon learning something unbelievable!

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