Las Vegas chicken wing best spots

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Las Vegas

If you are coming to this city to visit, then the chances are that you are going to want to indulge a little, so today we bring you the best Las Vegas chicken wings.

The finger licking wings that are so good you would be foolish to leave the city without trying them.

This could be the perfect meal with friends before you hit the town for a big night out or as the perfect hangover cure. Or, y’know, both!

Time to check out the very best Las Vegas chicken wing spots…

Best chicken wings in Las VegasHow do these rankings work?

1. 595 Craft And Kitchen

A brilliant craft beer bar where they serve up some of the best comfort food in the whole city.  They do great loaded fries, burgers and subs, but the wings are seriously at a whole different level.

The perfect place to come with friends and share some seriously tasty bites washed down with great beers.

2. Flock and Fowl Downtown

They focus on great chicken, cocktails and beer which is a winning combination if you ask us.

Their drinks are superb but the chicken dishes on the menu are what really set the place apart. The wings come in several different versions, with an especially spicy sauce – if you are brave enough to take it on.

Las Vegas Chicken wings

3. Wing King

They are best known for their “Hell Challenge” which are insanely hot wings that you have to eat in under 20 minutes. If you make it (and most people don’t!) you get 100 free wings, at a time of your choosing.

They also happens to have lots of other seriously good sauces that are milder as well. The wings themselves are super plump and tasty beyond belief.

Las Vegas Chicken wings

4. Naked City Pizza Shop

As the name suggests they are best known for their pizza, but the wings are the star of the show in our view. If you have the appetite to have them both in one sitting that is the meal of dreams.

The sauce is perfectly tangy with a nice kick, coating the wings to perfection.

Las Vegas chicken wing best spots

5. Wing Nutz

They are obsessed with making the best wings and have a large range of toppings and sauces that bring their chicken to life.

Throw in some seriously good craft beers on tap and this is the sort of place you could easily spend a couple of hours with friends.

6. Johnny Mac’s

Johnny Mac’s is a no-nonsense sports bar where you can watch the big games. get a great selection of beers and eat proper comfort food.

They have super burgers and pizzas. but really it is the wings you should be focusing in on. No fuss, simple presentation: just a huge portion of really great tasting wings.

7. Bonchon Chicken

If you prefer your fried chicken Korean in style, then this is the spot you want to head to. A great menu with lots of variety including chicken burgers and chicken tacos.

The wings themselves are a thing of beauty with a wonderful crispy texture yet plump fresh juicy meat on the inside. An absolute delight.

If you are heading to this great city we have you covered for the best burgers, pizzas and bars as well as things to do in Las Vegas.

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