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The 7 Best Pizzas In Latvia

The food scene in this country has been exploding over the last couple of years and nothing sums that up better than Latvia pizza. So, we set out to find the very best in the entire country.

From classic Italian pizzas to thin and crispy pies that you can grab on the go, there is something here for everybody.

All that remains for you is to grab a friend, ditch the diet and check out the very best Latvia pizza spots…

Best pizza in LatviaHow do these rankings work?

1. Street Pizza

Their pizzas are incredibly traditional in their style, toppings and the execution of their cooking style. There simply isn’t any better pizza dough in the country.

As soon as you taste their pizzas, you will be hooked for life and planning your very next visit after that very first bite. As good as anything you’d eat in the home of pizza, Naples.

2. Meet Point Pizza Bar

Meet Point Pizza Bar is a great place to come and hang out with friends. Not only are their pizzas massive and super tasty, their cocktails and desserts are also not to be missed.

Latvia Pizza

3. L’Acquerello

A great local restaurant where they cook Italian food that is every bit as good as anything else in the country. The pasta is spectacular but the pizza is the true star of the show.

The wood-fired oven is key, with pies cooked in a couple of minutes to create an insanely crispy and tasty base.

Best pizza Latvia

4. Meet Point Pizza Bar

The sort of place you come to start a big night out with friends to enjoy their awesome hospitality, great cocktails and diverse menu.

The pizzas take things to a whole new level, with wonderfully fresh toppings and perfect bases. One thing is for sure you will be leaving here with a big smile on your face.

Best pizza Latvia

5. Casa Nostra Italian Restaurant

It might be a restaurant, but the place is so homely and comforting that it feels more like walking into someones home.

The key to their success is the high quality ingredients they use, a brilliant wine list and pizzas that are so good they feel as if they melt into your mouth.

6. Da Roberta

Some of the most wholesome and tasty Italian cooking you’ll ever come across with their pastas and desserts being especially noteworthy.

The pizzas are different level though with perfectly crispy bases, simple yet delicious toppings and world class service to round the whole experience off.

The 7 best Latvia Pizza restaurants

7. La Pizza Veloce

The perfect place to come to if you want to get a pizza and take it home to eat in the comfort of your own home.

Super generous portions will mean you need to come with a serious appetite. Good pizzas are simple and have simple ingredients at their core. That is exactly what they do here.


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