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The 7 Best Brunch Spots In Lisbon

Nothing beats meeting up at the weekend with friends for some food and drinks, so we wanted to pick out the best Lisbon brunch spots. The foodie scene in this beautiful city has been exploding in recent years and brunch is a prime example of that.

From perfect eggs to great coffee and cocktails, there is something on this lis for every type of brunch lover.

So, grab your friends, work up an appetite and get ready to eat in one of the very best Lisbon brunch spots… Is it the weekend yet?!

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1. Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora serve some of the prettiest looking and best tasting brunch, not just in Lisbon, but anywhere in the world. Their presentation is absolutely second to none.

There are a huge range of healthy bowls, smoothies and juices as well as some quality treats, if you feel like letting your hair down a little.

Lisbon healthy brunch options

2. The Mill

The Mill is an Australian-Portuguese café that serves specialty coffee and the best local produce, all served with a fresh, Australian twist.

The portions are generous so make sure yo come with an appetite. You’ll struggle to find a Lisbon brunch that tastes this good anywhere else. Absolutely superb.

Lisbon brunch

3. Zenith

Everything on the menu is presented absolutely beautifully including smoothie bowls, Acai bowls and a range of classic brunch dishes.

The place is designed to have a New York-style loft feel to it, with the room always having a great buzz. The ideal place to come and have a great weekend brunch with friends after a big night out.

Eggs Zenith Lisbon

4. O Ninho

A small and cosy cafe where they put all the focus on the amazing food the serve up. Along with their wide range of cakes this is easily one of the best Lisbon brunch experiences.

You’ll instantly fall in love with the place and want to become a regular.

Lisbon Brunch

5. Brunch Cafe

The Brunch Cafe places a big emphasis on making everything in house with the very best ingredients.

That includes natural juices, pancakes, eggs benedict, delicious and delicious omelettes among other tasty brunch specials. The sort of place you will stay for an hour or two chatting happily with friends.

The best Lisbon brunch options

6. Heim Cafe

Heim Cafe has a wonderfully homely atmosphere where breakfast, brunch and lunch all roll into one. They do some really tasty pancake stacks, classic egg dishes and some of the best waffles in the city if you want a treat.

Add in great fresh juices and superb coffee, and this is the sort of place that ticks ever single box.

7. Nicolau

The beauty of brunch here is that the menu is a perfect mix of treats and healthy food. You’ll find vegan specials as well as pastries that are quite simply delicious.

The food is super colourful, the menu extensive and the prices are affordable, especially given the standard of cooking.

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