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The 7 Best Los Angeles BBQ Spots

This city has one of the most diverse and eclectic foodie scenes in the world, and Los Angeles BBQ is right up there with the very best. We went in search of the seven best places in the city to eat “low and slow”, seriously well cooked meat.

From brisket and chicken wings to burgers and pulled pork – if you are a BBQ lover then this is the list for you.

So work up an appetite, grab a couple of buddies and get ready to get stuck into some of the best Los Angeles BBQ joints…

Best BBQ in Los AngelesHow do these rankings work?

1. Gus’s BBQ

They celebrate the culinary traditions of the South, serving up fresh and inventive takes on regional Southern fare while adding in that famous Southern hospitality to the West Coast.

Their portions are absolutely massive but if there is one dish you don’t want to miss it has to be their ribs. Out of this world good!

2. Max City BBQ

If you love BBQ then you are going to fall in love with this place the second you walk in the door. You’ll find all the classics like brisket, sausage and slow cooked chicken, as well as sides that are off the charts.

Add in a lovely selection of craft beers and this is a place you won’t want to leave in a hurry.

3. Maple Block Meat Co.

It’s all about the large sharing platters here, which are so pretty that they look like works of art. As soon as you see one you will fall in love with the sheer beauty of the presentation.

The food is made for sharing, which makes it an ideal to start a night out with a few friends. The slow cooked meat is amazing; the sauces are what really bring it all to life.

Lose Angeles BBQ

4. Bludso’s Bar & Que

in 2008, pit master Kevin Bludso opened Bludso’s BBQ, right in the heart of Compton and it has been doing a roaring trade ever since. BBQ has been in the family for generations and the Texas style fits in perfectly in LA.

Expect a long line given how popular the food is and bring a big appetite. You certainly won’t be going home hungry.

5. Wood Ranch

With 16 restaurants in the area you are never too far away from their BBQ and that is a very good thing. Their food is affordable and comes in huge portion sizes so it is the perfect place to bring the kids and family for a big treat meal out.

The ribs and the bakes potato are an absolute must-order.

Los Angeles BBQ

6. Slab BBQ

Slab BBQ serves up central Texas barbecue that is made in the heart LA. They open at 11am and go until the food runs out. Given how good it is, that is often sooner that you’d imagine, so get here early.

Plenty of great options to choose from, but you would be hard pressed to say they don’t serve up one of the best briskets in the city.

7. Ray’s Texas BBQ

You know you are in for the real deal when you see the two huge smokers sitting outside. This is BBQ that is cooked by people at the very top of their game.

The menu is full of absolute classics. But, if you want something really special the beef short rib melts in the mouth and is truly unforgettable.

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