Los Angeles Kebabs

The 7 Best Places For Kebabs In Los Angeles

In a city with so many passionate foodie entrepreneurs and different cultures, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles kebabs are among the best in the world.

From Turkish and Greek versions, to Persian and Indian, there is something for everybody on the list here. There are shawarma, pita breads, gyros and souvlaki. Whatever it is you call them, there is something for everybody on this list.

You’ll find them on street stalls and also find super-high end restaurants reimagining the humble snack and using the best of ingredients.

When it comes to Los Angeles kebabs, you are going to be seriously spoilt for choice. We know that this list will split opinion, because everybody has their own personal favourite. So, do let us know yours in the comments!

Best Kebabs in Los AngelesHow do these rankings work?

1. Furnsaj Restaurant & Bakery

This family-built enterprise opened its doors in 2013 and has been serving traditional homemade Lebanese food to rave reviews ever since. What really sets them apart is their commitment to using the finest and freshest ingredients to create 100% natural food.

The menu offers guests a wide variety of choice, but you would be foolish to miss out on their wraps when here.


The kebab is famous all over the world, but very few places love it just as much as Berlin, which this popular chain is named after.

You can choose from wraps, pits breads or have the meat and toppings loaded onto fries which would be our choice. The sauces and toppings really bring the whole meal alive. You’ll find their outlets in Beverly Grove, Venice Beach, Encino and Koreantown.

Los Angeles Kebabs

3. Shalom Grill

Shalom Grill are masters at burgers, kabob and shawarma and cook all their meat over open charcoal for added flavour.

If you want something different from the wrapped rebabs then the Animal Fries are worth a shot. They come topped with your choice of meat, grilled onions, and their special house sauce!

4. Sunnin Lebanese Cafe

With outlets in Westwood and Santa Monica they are well known as one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in LA.

The serve up everything from healthy salads for the health conscious to dishes loaded with toppings for those after a cheat meal. What sets them apart is the marination of their meat and their subtle balance of flavours with the toppings.

Once you taste one of their kebabs you will be hooked for life.

5. Kabob By Faraj

They are a family-owned business specialising in Kosher kabobs and a large of delicious Persian food.

They’ve been opened since 1995 and have a large loyal customer base close to 25 years later so that tells you all you need to know about the food. Out of all their meats, the chicken thigh is well worth tasting for it’s massive flavour.

6. Carnival Restaurant

A traditional Lebanese restaurant that has been opened since 1984 and which is always buzzing with happy customers.

They have a huge range of fresh meats which can be served either as a wrap or loaded on French fries with their house sauces and sides. One thing that is certain, is that you will not be leaving here hungry, because their portions are seriously generous.

7. RoRo’s Chicken

They serve a variety of meats, but as the name suggests them focus on one above all which is why the chicken shawarma is a must try.

The beauty about this spot is that you can have a kebab style meal but keep it super healthy by having it with a salad and their house pickles and vegetables. The chicken is so good that you will be licking your lips after it.

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