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The 25 Best Burgers In Louisiana

You’ve certainly come to the right place if you’re looking for the best burgers in Louisiana. Yet with so many terrific places to choose from around this great state, coming up with 25 of the best was never going to be the easiest of tasks. 

We did it, though, so prepare to work up an appetite as you dig your way through the 25 best Louisiana burgers. You’re welcome!

The Best Burgers in LouisianaHow do these rankings work?

1. Cowbell, New Orleans

Set in a former gas station, Cowbell turns out gourmet burgers with a range of sides like salads, soups and crisp fries. The eclectic diner doesn’t scrimp on quality and pours a mean cocktail too. Try their grilled cheese for a vegetarian-friendly option.

Plus, with a huge band of loyal customers they never shirk on quality.

2. Fat Cow Burgers, Baton Rouge

Pretty close to the LSU campus is one of the more hip places you will find for a burger. At Fat Cow Burgers, they serve in-house ground Angus beef patties that is incredibly juicy and thick in their burgers here.

For extra juiciness, try their Bacon Cheeseburger at Fat Cow Burgers. Get it with duck fat fries too for that extra umami flavour.

3. Abita Brew Pub, Abita Springs

This popular brewing company is about 30 miles north of New Orleans, and is an essential pit stop for fresh ales and juicy burgers. There’s 10 burgers to choose from (including a chicken burger), all hearty 10oz patties for a proper feed. Toppings range from avocado and feta cheese to chilli and cheddar cheese.

4. The Wurst Biergarten & Public Market, Lafayette

This authentic biergarten has German and European beers, as well as local craft and several popular domestic beers. And of course (or why else would they be on this list?) they have amazing burgers. It’s actually a Jamaican food joint that serves up the burgers on site, with Jamaican spicy beef patties on soft coco bread buns.

5. George’s, Baton Rouge

Everybody knows a George and everybody in Baton Rouge knows of George’s for their burgers. It is a place that is loved by the community for their burgers that are stacked with toppings and ones that aren’t normally on burgers.

Like the Heavy Hit Burger which includes slices of avocado!

6. Port of Call, New Orleans

Locally famous for more than 50 years, this dive is known for its burgers with a loaded baked potato on the side. Don’t forget to order a cocktail–a Bloody Mary is a great choice–and a few quarters for the jukebox.

If you like a burger that’s stacked high with toppings and dripping jus and cheese, this is the place for you.

7. The Burger Grind, West Monroe

The Burger Grind has not only some of the best burgers in West Monroe, they’re also some of the best burgers in Louisiana. It’s a casual, family-owned spot that prides itself on cooking up all-natural burgers with a Texas flare.

They grind their meat in-house daily, so you can expect seriously fresh burgers that are dripping with tasty juices. You can’t go wrong with a delicious burger from here.

8. Angelle’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, Breaux Bridge

The burger menu at Angelle’s is small and compact, yet has exactly what you need. Which is a super tasty burger. Their speciality burger is the Little Jimmy, which is topped with a blend of grilled onions, jalapeños and smothered in cheese. You can add the Little Jimmy mix onto any other burger too, from their classic hamburger to their alligator patty.

9. Twisted Burgers, Plaquemine

For a truly great neighbourhood burger place, Twisted Burgers always hits the spot. We love how you can choose how you want the beef cooked, from pink and juicy rare to a seared well done. Their burgers have no frills to them; just a good ol’ burger that is made to juicy perfection.

10. Fharmacy NOLA, New Orleans

Fharmacy NOLA is known for its international spin that packs a lot of flavour into their burgers. The menu also offers tacos, wraps and sandwiches too. Expect a fresh, cooked to order meal here. The restaurant grinds their meat and prepares homemade sausages fresh daily.

11. The Overpass Merchant, Baton Rouge

For times when that fast-food burger just won’t cut it, come and get a gourmet burger at The Overpass Merchant. The meat in the burger is a blend of brisket and short rib and together, they make an excellent juicy team!

Try the amazing Overpass Burger which also comes with cheese, bacon, and an egg.

12. Cotten’s Famous Hamburgers, Lake Charles

The homemade hamburgers at Cotten’s Famous Hamburgers are so good that you could eat one 7 days a week – and look, we wouldn’t judge you. You might need to loosen a few notches on the belt though, because the burgers are huge. With burger options ranging from their old fashioned hamburger (a bargain at just $2.99) to the hearty egg and cheese, there’s plenty of choice for everyone.

13. Bayou Burgers, Effie

Bayou Burgers is a local Effie favourite with a small-but-mighty burger menu – dig into a small hamburger or go wild with a jumbo double if you’re really hungry. The burgers keep things simple without going overboard on toppings and taste absolutely out of this world.

Buns are pillowy and fresh and the meat is juicy.

14. Sneaky Pickle, New Orleans

Though it is becoming easier, finding great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the South is difficult, but the Sneaky Pickle is the perfect answer in New Orleans. Order the burger with a side of hand-cut fries or the vegan mac ‘n’ cheese. Carnivores, there is still a meat option on the menu to suit everyone.

Stop by for one of the best burgers in Louisiana.

15. Chick’s Burgers, Baldwin

The burgers at Chick’s Burgers are big enough to fill even the hungriest of bellies, yet still perfectly sized that you can fit a bite in your mouth in one go. Perfection? You betcha. Keep things classic with a 1/4 lb hamburger or fill up on a double meat beast of a burger, with bacon and melty slices of American cheese.

Louisiana burgers

16. Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar, Baton Rouge

If the name of this restaurant doesn’t sound inviting enough, what will? Who wouldn’t want to go to Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar? Just like mom’s cooking, this place is a no-frills type of restaurant that serves some of the juiciest and messiest burgers in town.

Let Mom know how much you love her take on the burger here, will ya?

17. Twisted Root Burger Co., Shreveport

Twisted Root Burger Co. pretty much dominates the entire state of Texas when it comes to mouth-watering burgers, and Shreveport, Louisiana is lucky enough to have one too. The Twisted Root Burger Co. offers visitors a savoury half-pound burger along with a variety of other options. For an indulgent meal, ask them to use grilled cheese sandwiches instead of normal buns. You won’t regret it!

18. District Donuts Sliders Brew, New Orleans

For a smaller burger meal, head to this haunt for their gourmet sliders. Everything is made to order, and even the buns are made fresh daily. Though the donuts make a delicious end to the meal, you may not have room. Order a slider pack that includes both the double cheese burger and the fried chicken slider for a bit of southern flare thanks to the spicy pimento cheese.

Best Louisiana burgers

19. Maplewood Burgers, Sulphur

Maplewood Burgers doesn’t serve up any ordinary burgers – they specialise in stuffed burgers, with patties that are stuffed with fillings such as Swiss and Pepper Jack cheese or even crawfish or pepperoni. What you get is a burger that’s oozing with topping and flavour, finished off in a soft bun – upgrade it to the jalapeño sourdough bun for that extra wow-factor.

Tasty Louisiana burgers

20. Burgersmith, Baton Rouge

One of the newer burger restaurants in Baton Rouge is Burgersmith. People who love a bit (or a lot!) of spice in their burgers will love the burgers that Burgersmith cooks up. They also offer a variety of different meats for your burger, such as bison and lamb.

if you can handle the heat, get one of their infamous spicy burgers here.

Louisiana burgers

21. The Company Burger, New Orleans

This stylish counter-service joint flips classic thin patty burgers as well as a few alternative options like turkey or lamb burgers. Topped with homemade condiments like tomato jam, chili mint glaze, or pickles, the restaurant also houses a condiment bar to make your burger just how you like it. When hand-cut fries are on the side too, The Company Burger is a no-brainer when it comes to a great burger.

Louisiana burgers

22. Broaddus Burger, Lafayette

Build your own perfect burger with everything customisable, from buns, meats, cheeses, and a list of toppings so long you may have to read it twice. Pick from a juicy beef patty, a burger stuffed with pepper jack cheese, ahi tuna or portobello mushroom as your base, and add on endless toppings. Think: blue cheese crumbles, mac and cheese, pepper jelly or fried pickles.

23. Spigots Brew Pub, Houma

Spigots Brew Pug has delicious craft brews and tender, juicy burgers made from 100% ground chuck and brisket beef. Highlights include the Contender, which comes topped with Gouda cheese, grilled onions and bacon in a herb buttered bun, or you can create your own from a wide choice of cheeses and other toppings.

One bite and you’ll see why it’s among the best burgers in Louisiana.

Best Louisiana burgers

24. Louie’s Cafe, Baton Rouge

One of LSU students’ most favourite place for burgers for decades is Louie’s Cafe. This place is an institution in Baton Rouge and has all your greasy food needs, including burgers, covered here.

Blend in with the students here and get a massive Big Cheesy Lou burger at Louie’s Cafe.

Louisiana burgers

25. The High Hat Cafe, New Orleans

If you don’t quite want to bypass all of New Orleans southern flare with your burger, The High Hat Cafe is a great option. Though they also have fried catfish, cornbread, po’boys and pimento cheese on the menu, the easy-going cafe serves killer burgers and cocktails. Start with a cup of gumbo and move on to the High Hat burger (which is slathered with pimento cheese) with a side of okra and tomatoes for a truly southern take. Go with an empty stomach; their pimento mac ‘n’ cheese is great too.

Louisiana burgers

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