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The 7 Best Burgers In Lyon

This has always been a city known for its amazing foodie scene, so we wanted to showcase the seven best Lyon burgers. These are the once-in-a-lifetime burgers that you will be talking about for weeks after eating them.

From the quick and simple burger eaten on the go to the fine dining version, there is something for everybody here.

So grab a friend, get exploring and enjoy these absolutely delicious Lyon burgers

Best burgers in LyonHow do these rankings work?

1. King Marcel

King Marcel wanted to “take the best of American food and improve it with a French angle”. They’ve managed to do just that, with beautifully simple and elegant burgers which are served with perfect fries.

No fuss or wasted toppings here. Just pure perfection.

Lyon burgers

2. Butcher

Butcher has been focused on serving up some of the very best beef in Lyon since 2011. Most people know them for their steaks, but their burger is every bit as good and well worth a try.

They’re absolute masters when it comes to sourcing and preparing all things beef. Superb.

Lyon burgers

3. Guy&Sons Lyon Cordeliers

This is a great bistro that has been doing business since 2011, and although they have lots of great dishes on the menu. most people come for the burger.

They stack it high with lots of super fresh toppings and serve it with the crispiest fries you could ever imagine.

4. Les Tontons Burgers

Les Tontons Burgers is a casual spot where the focus is on quick service and seriously tasty burgers. They pack them full of fillings to ensure that you are never going to be hungry leaving here.

The menu has some good alternatives to beef, including chicken and special burgers that change on a regular basis.

5. Franklin’s Steakhouse

Why would you come to a steakhouse that is this well known for their cuts of beef and order a burger? Quite simply because the burger is absolutely out of this world.

Dripping with flavour, perfectly formed and with some wonderful sides, this is the stuff of burger dreams.

Lyon Burger

6. Big Fernand

Yes, they are a chain and they are growing fast, but their offering is every bit as good as any local restaurant. They place a huge emphasis on sourcing the best meat, creating wonderful sauces and they even serve wine with their burgers.

Also a special mention for their fries, which are world-class every single time.

Big Fernand

7. Les Frangins

They call the food that they serve here “good mood food”, and it’s 100% true. Huge portions, perfect burgers and some of the best loaded fries you will ever taste.

A perfect Lyon burger experience; you will be leaving here a very happy customer.

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