The 7 best Maltese pizza restaurants

The 7 Best Pizzas In Malta

With Malta being so close to Italy (there is only a short stretch of water separating the two countries, after all!) it is no surprise that Maltese pizza is so good.

It may be a small island but with so many tourists visiting there is a huge abundance of choice when it comes to getting a great slice of pizza here. These pies are the real deal.

So grab a couple of friends, work up an appetite, forget about the gym and get stuck into one of the very best Maltese pizza spots

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1. Sotto Pizzeria Italiana

They focus on a Roman background on everything they do, including their Lazio-style square pizza slices. The chefs put huge amounts of passion and drive into creating seriously good pizza that is made for sharing.

Maltese pizza

2. Al Legna Pizzeria

You’ll find Al Legna in the Sensi Hotel, which means that you can sit by the pool and order your pizza – chowing down the pies in peace by the water. Throw in a beer or even one of their cocktails for an extra treat.

Pizza in Malta

3. CIBO Pizzeria

A family style restaurant at the heart of Tigné Point in Sliema where their pizzas are classical in style.

It’s all about sourcing the very best top-end ingredients here, which are assembled by true professionals into a pizza that could grace any restaurant in the world.

The 7 best Maltese pizza restaurants

4. Sciantusi

If you love Italian food then you are instantly going to fall in love with this restaurant.

They are best known for making their own pasta from scratch and pizza dough that is as good as anything you’ll ever taste in Italy itself. They keep their toppings simple and classical, because when the basics are this good you don’t need to do much more with it.

5. Made in Sud

They pack the tables into their small pizzeria to create a wonderful atmosphere that has you hooked the second you walk in the door and smell the dough wafting from the oven.

The crusts are big, spongey and perfectly chewy and hold the oozing hot toppings perfectly in the middle. A simply gorgeous pizza.

6. La Siciliana

A place to really come and treat yourself with amazing pasta, risotto and desserts on the menu.

The star of the show though is the pizza which has a slightly thinner base than most on the list. This gives it a lighter crispier texture. They round it off with some wonderfully creative toppings that will have you coming back on a regular basis.

7. Damiano’s Pizza & Pasta House

A low key corner restaurant with outdoor seating for the warmer months. The name of the game is very much about comfort food.

That means large bowls of pasta with deep rich and lush sauces as well as pizzas absolutely loaded with toppings and brimming with flavour.

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