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$800 Sushi Box: America’s Most Expensive Restaurant Does Delivery

Masa, a three-Michelin star Japanese restaurant in New York, is joining in the takeaway trend. As with other restaurants in NYC, Masa has shut its doors due to Covid-19. Unlike other restaurants in NYC, Masa happens to be the most expensive restaurant in America. The regular price for a meal for one person here is $595. Now you can get a taste of that famous sushi at home – but be quick, because there’s just 20 takeout sushi boxes sold each Friday, and there’s a waiting list.

Masa, NYC is Serving a Gourmet Sushi Takeout Box

The sushi boxes, which must be ordered directly with Masa via email, cost $800 (free delivery in Manhattan, $20 to the boroughs). Each box feeds four people.

Eater reports that:  “For the first offering, Masa will deliver a make-your-own temaki box, which includes pre-sliced raw fish, vegetables, ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, nori, and rice. That settles out to be about $200 per person for the dinner.”

For $800, it’s Not Your Average Food Delivery…

The sushi box includes colourful rows of kanpachi, toro, salmon, akami tuna, tai sea bream, and toro sashimi, partitioned by strips of banana leaf. Eater notes that the kit doesn’t come with instructions on how to make the sushi yourself. We guess people spending $800 on a sushi kit know what they’re doing?

Highlights Include Osetra Caviar in Wax-Sealed Wooden Containers

Masa sushi

While Masa famously forbids restaurant guests from taking photos, the delivery box is under no such rules. Unfortunately, nobody has dared to tag their luxe sushi restaurant in an Instagram photo. You can, however, see Eater’s photos here. 

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