The 7 Best Melbourne Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Melbourne

Melbourne coffee doesn’t just set the standard in Australia, but is known across the world for the waves it makes when it comes to global trends. Those divine, caffeinated waves.

To say that the Melbourne coffee scene is something special would be seriously understating the fact. The only hard thing for us at Big 7 Travel is that there could only be 7 top spots coffee spots to include – which means that dozens of world class coffee shops have missed out.

Our advice? Start with these truly great places and work your way onwards from there, in quite possibly the greatest coffee city of them all…

Best Melbourne Coffee Spots

1. ACoffee

This converted garage in Collingwood is probably as pretty as it gets when it comes to coffee shops. While the blinding white colours and stunning design catch the eye, that’s only the start of the experience; the coffee really steals the show.

Melbourne Coffee

2. St. Ali Coffee Roasters

St. Ali Coffee Roaster were one of the early pioneers when it comes to great coffee in Melbourne, but just because they started early doesn’t mean they’re not still raising the roof. While they’ve expanded into other sub-brands and areas, it’s the original store down the laneway that still steals the heart most.

St. Ali Coffee Roasters

3. Bonnie

Bonnie sources and roasts coffee for three of the most iconic and coffee obsessed cities in the world: Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo. Their two locations in the city serve coffee that’s so spellbindingly good, every other cup drank elsewhere will feel like cheating compared to this.

Bonnie Cafe in Melbourne

4. Dukes Coffee Roasters

Dukes Coffee Roasters are true coffee specialists who focus on bringing their very best – from selling machines, to training and even monthly box subscriptions. Their staff are incredibly knowledgable and on a mission to make you the absolute best cup of Melbourne coffee.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

5. Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

This micro-roaster/coffee house whips up incredible coffees using seasonal beans. They’re also super transparent about their entire coffee process, even publishing the price that the farmers or producers received for the single origin coffees, and blends.

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters in Melbourne

6. The League of Honest Coffee

As soon as you see the Slayer espresso machines here you know you’re in for a seriously good cuppa. Their ethically-sourced and rotating coffee blends are expertly brewed for one of the best (and coolest) cafes in the city.

The League of Honest Cafe

7. Manchester Press

This is exactly what every Melbourne coffee experience should be. Tucked away down a cute city laneway with an always-changing single origin and filter roast made be expert baristas. You’d be crazy not to try one of their signature bagels to go with the caffeine hit.

Manchester Press Cafe

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