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Melbourne’s Newest Pretzel Store Has Our Tastebuds In A Twist

Listen up Melburnians – there’s gonna be a new foodie hotspot in the city. The popular pretzel store, Pretzel Australia, is expanding to the heart of Melbourne Central in Melbourne’s shopping district on the 31st November 2019.

What’s so special about Pretzel Australia?

There’s pretzels, and then there’s these pretzels. The Perth-born and now nation-known Pretzel Australia tops their homemade pretzels with only the freshest – funnest ingredients, from classic salted to cheese and pepperoni and even marshmallow fluff.

Each and every pretzel pumped out of their pretty pink containers are handmade by one of their artisan pretzel bakers, right there on site. You won’t find a fresher – or tastier – pretzel in the city.

As for the droolworthy pretzels to choose from?

Boy oh boy, you’ve got options for dayz. From Cookies and Cream to Coconut Fluff, there’s a topping to suite all tastebuds. Savoury snack enthusiasts will love the Pepperoni and Cheese but if you only try one (as if!) then it’s gotta be the Cinnamon Glazed Pretzel.

This baby is famous for a reason. It’s a delicious pretzel covered in cinnamon sugar, with a vanilla cream cheese icing. Did you know it takes six months to learn how to roll pretzels like a pro?  These guys have it down to a fine art.

And hey! The pretzels are even vegan-friendly

The majority of the pretzels at Pretzel Australia are vegan-friendly too. Sticking to the traditional baking style, it’s made with just flour, water and yeast. With vegan toppings such as peanut butter or Oreo, you can freely chow down as many pretzels as you can handle.

Plus, they’re super Instagrammable...

Right from the get-go, you’ll see this is no ordinary store. All the Pretzel Australia locations are bubblegum-pink and the new ELLA store in Melbourne is even more special. There’s a huge “give it to me baby” neon sign and a pink phone booth!

That’s before you even set your eyes on the pretzels themselves… The plump, doughy beauts come in pastel-pink boxes. From the shiny Nutella glaze to simple cinnamon sugar, they’re almost too pretty to eat.

But pretzels these good will be chowed down in seconds…

Pretzel Australia’s ELLA Store will open in Melbourne on 31st November 2019. Open from 10am-10pm, seven days a week. 

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