Best Places For Mexican Food In America

The 50 Best Places For Mexican Food In America

Mexican cuisine has been such an important part of American life over the years, spreading to every state and city across the USA. And no, we’re not talking about Chipotle or Taco Bell.

From small street food stands churning out impeccable tacos to Tex Mex and fine dining Mexican-fusion cooking, we have something for everybody on this list. If Mexican food is your bag you’ll want to get working your way through this list ASAP.

While some states have a longer history with authentic Mexican food than others (we’re looking at you, California and Texas), there’s a few surprising places in America where you’ll find incredible dishes.

Here’s the tastiest tortillas, tacos, tamales, enchiladas, and salsas to eat across the United States.

1. El Barrio – Birmingham, Alabama

El Barrio brings an exciting, different flavour to the Birmingham restaurant scene. Inspired by multi-regional Mexican cuisine, urban design and locally sourced ingredients, this place is the real deal.

Not hungry? No worries. A huge concrete bar is an ideal spot enjoy a seasonal margarita or local craft beer.

Mexican Food

2. El Dorado – Anchorage, Alaska

This bustling restaurant is packed full of wonderful Mexican food that comes in all shapes and sizes.

The restaurant has been family owned by the Hurtados ever since the doors first opened back in 1997, with an extensive menu of traditional family recipes. You won’t leave here disappointed.

El Dorado in America

3. Rito’s – Phoenix, Arizona

Rito’s was founded by Rosemary and Jose Salinas in June of 1977 and now has three locations across Arizona.

Any restaurant that has been serving food for over 40 years and has such a loyal customer base is going to be the real deal. Be sure to order the delicious award winning green chili burritos.

Rito's Mexican Food

4. Taco Mama – Hot Springs, Arkansas

All food at Taco Mama is hand prepared and made daily with the finest and freshest ingredients available. Their delicious selections will have you drooling – be sure to order the tamales.

Look out for happy hour drink specials daily with some of the coldest margaritas and draft beer in town.

Taco Mama in America

5. Las Cuatro Milpas – San Diego, California

Las Cuatro Milpas has been going strong ever since 1933. The big giveaway that this is something special? The huge line outside the store on a daily basis.

Inside, things are stripped back and super simple; the food is the real star of the show. Big, fresh portions with classic flavours make it certain that you won’t be leaving hungry.

Las Cuatro Milpas Mexican Food

6. Mi Mexico – Colorado Springs, Colorado

With 26 years of experience cooking great Mexican food, this family-run restaurant has truly great service with mega-tasty food.

The prices are affordable, the portions big and the dishes classic in style and utterly delicious. Look out for the happy hour where you’ll get to try their great cocktails for half price.

Mi Mexico in America

7. Puerto Vallarta – Southington, Connecticut

You’ll be greeted to their spicy salsa and a bountiful basket of freshly-prepared, warm corn tortilla chips as soon as you arrive. What more could you ask for?

Now with six locations across the state their food is light, tasty and full of vibrancy. Puerto Vallarta manage to keep the flavours authentic and everything made from scratch.

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Food

8. Agave – Lewes, Delaware

Agave Mexican Restaurant is the place for a variety of tequila and margaritas and irresistible dishes. There’s more than 70 types of tequila to wash down all that tasty food. They even have five different types of guacamole, including a pumpkin seed and Gouda style.

All of their food is made fresh in house and served to you by a professional and friendly staff.

Agave Mexican Food

9. Mi Rinconcito Mexicano – Miami, Florida

There’s a wide range of brilliant Mexican food on the menu here but if there’s just two things you should be trying, it’s the tacos and the cocktails.

The perfect place to start a night out with friends because the food is ideal for sharing and the atmosphere in the room always buzzing. Mix it up with a selection of different tacos.

Mi Rinconcito Mexicano In America

10. El Rey Del Taco – Doraville, Georgia

El Rey Del Taco live up to their name – they really are the king of tacos in Atlanta. They also pride themselves on their home made salsas. You’ll want to watch out for the hottest one though, because it is seriously spicy.

They also have some delicious cakes to finish off the meal if you have room after eating all that Mexican food.

El Rey Del Taco Mexican Food

11. Paco’s Tacos Kilauea –  Kilauea, Hawaii

Paco’s Tacos started as a food truck several years ago but now has five successful Mexican restaurants in Hawaii.

With four locations on Kauai and one on Oahu, this is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants on the islands. Go for the tacos with the soft shell crab, cabbage, pico de gallo and cilantro sauce. They’re the best.

Paco's Tacos Kilauea Mexican Food

12. Fiesta Cancun Mexican Grill – Idaho Falls, Idaho

Ricco Lanauze and Eddie Ruesga of Fiesta Cancun Mexican Grill don’t serve “traditional” meals such as tamales or tortas. Instead, they take inspiration from the flavours and spices of their Mexican roots to create unique dishes.

Their restaurant is an exciting place to eat and a wonderful insight into different styles of Mexican cooking to what you would usually expect.

Fiesta Cancun Mexican Grill in America

13. Sammy’s Mexican Grill And Bar – Chicago, Illinois

Sammy’s is part of a family of restaurants in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago who serve up modern Mexican food that has a cult following in the state. Start with the tortilla soup and don’t leave until you’ve tried the ceviche.

All the focus is on this being a sharing experience so it’s a classic place to come with friends for a huge feast.

Sammy's Mexican Grill And Bar

14. Nada – Indianapolis, Indiana

Nada is a small chain that are redefining what fast casual Mexican food is all about. Lobster wraps use lobster from Maine while taco toppings include pork belly and caramelised cauliflower.

Basically, it’s a taco and cocktail restaurant dishing up guacamole and salsa to share—plus punched up tacos and mac n’ cheese—washed down with house margaritas and local craft brews.

Nada Mexican Food

15. Casa Azul Restaurante Y Cantina – Iowa City, Iowa

This truly is a unique restaurant that aims to show off the best side of Mexico and educate people about the wonderfully unique culture through food and art.

An example of one of their great dishes? Their chicken enchiladas covered with special mole sauce imported from Mexico, topped with cheese and avocado, served with rice and beans (see below). A masterpiece of a dish.

Casa Azul Restaurante Y Cantina in America

16. Don Antonio Meat and Tortillas – Kansas

Don Antonio restaurant insists on sourcing only the absolute freshest of ingredients, which they say is what is key to the end product tasting so wonderful. We 100% agree with them on that. The range of meats here is superb, from tender beef tongue to grilled steak.

They are available to cater events and you can follow their food truck around KC on their social media channels.

Don Antonio Meat and Tortillas

17. Taco Luchador – Louisville, Kentucky

They have three locations around the city which is a good thing because you never want to be too far away from their Mexican food. Once that craving hits you’ll just have to have some of their dishes.

The chefs and owners are both Cuban but have brought their extensive experience of cooking Mexican style food to this restaurant. Wonderfully fresh and healthy Mexican food with the fish tacos a real highlight.

Taco Luchador Mexican Food

18. La Pagua – Lafayette, Louisiana

La Pagua prides themselves on their amazing margaritas, and the best authentic Mexican and Salvadoran food in Lafayette. Such a great combo of cuisines.

The atmosphere is laid back and casual but the service is still top class. Along with some nice craft beers their queso dip is out of this world.

La Pagua Mexican Food


19. Taco Trio – South Portland, Maine

Their traditional taco fillings and salsas are made every day by hand
in small batches, with the freshest ingredients available. *Drools*

These traditional ingredients include tomatillos, so different kinds of peppers, nopales (cactus leaves), epazote, goat meat, cilantro, and masa. Mexican cooking doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Taco Trio Mexican Food

20. R&R Taqueria – Elkridge, Maryland

R&R Taqueria has consistently been on the leading edge of Mexican cuisine in Maryland. They combine colourful plates of food and superior service with a fun Mexican atmosphere.

Every dish is made to order from scratch, using only the freshest premium ingredients and the portion sizes are seriously. Make sure you work up an appetite before arriving.

R&R Taqueria in America

21. The Painted Burro – Somerville, Massachusetts

The Painted Burro features an exciting seasonal menu that highlights the diverse cuisines of Latin America.

From their wonderfully flavoured moles to their selection of grilled meats and fish, you’ll find a tempting dish with every visit. There’s also over 100 craft tequilas to wash it all down with.

The Painted Burro  in America

22. Donkey Taqueria – Grand Rapids, Michigan

This Grand Rapids “one-of-a-kind Mexican Street Food” joint has outdone themselves when it comes to tacos and other tasty bites.

They’re made their mission to master the taco and they have done exactly this: get the one filled with crispy fried brussels sprouts, jalapeno mayo, salsa verde, macha corn, queso cotija and bacon.

The sort of place you’d come in for a quick meal but end up lingering over a few drinks.

Donkey Taqueria in America

23. El Burrito Mercado – St Paul, Minnesota

Their speciality (as well as having lots of classics on the menu) are guisados, which are beef, pork or chicken style stews with a combination of sauces. They taste divine – once you eat it you’ll be hooked for life.

Their tacos and quesadillas are also right up there with any in the country and as an added bonus they deliver too, so you can have all this gorgeous Mexican food at home.

El Burrito Mercado Mexican Food

24. Pepe’s Bosque Mexican Grill –  D’Iberville, Mississippi

Pepe’s is a longtime local Mexican grill that does authentic dishes alongside Tex-Mex food. The menu has all of the simple classics that go down a treat, such as fried shrimp and juicy steak tacos. Nothing fancy, just tasty, honest food.

Did we mention they also serve their refreshing margaritas to go? Ideal for an evening treat.

Pepe’s Bosque Mexican Grill

25. El Toluco Taqueria & Grocery – Ballwin, Missouri

El Toluco has become somewhat of a hidden gem since it opened as a grocery store in 2016, adding the taqueria later that year. Absolutely everything is homemade using family recipes – even meats are hand-cut, seasoned in house and cooked to order.

Where else can you get an amazing meal and pick up some Mexican delicacies from the grocer section to take home?

El Toluco Taqueria & Grocery in America

26. El Vaquero Taqueria – Helena, Montana

Easily the best Mexican restaurant in all of Montana, this little family-owned taqueria is where you’ll find fresh corn tacos with fillings that vary each day depending on what’s in season.

There’s no indoor seating so either grab your tacos to go or eat on one of the cute picnic tables outside.

El Vaquero Taqueria in America

27. Super Taco – Lincoln, Nebraska

Homemade tortillas, crisp lettuce, succulent tomatoes, tender, juicy meats, and savoury spices make sure that these incredible tacos hit the spot every single time.

As well as their beloved tacos, you can also try traditional sopes, flautas, tortas, oysters and fried fish, with a great range of side dishes. Their fresh fruit drinks are also the perfect thing to order on a hot day.

Super Taco Mexican Food

28. Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina – Las Vegas, Nevada

Chow down on traditional Mexican dishes like Chile Rellenos, Carnitas, Enchiladas de Mole, and of course, the insanely good sizzling fajitas. Kick things off with some guacamole to start, which is made in front of you at your table.

If there’s one thing you have to do, it’s smothering those fajitas in melted in Monetary jack cheese.

Juan's Flaming Fajitas & Cantina

29. Dos Amigos Burritos – Concord, New Hampshire

From the pickiest eaters to the most seasoned burrito-aficionados, this is one burrito joint that won’t let you down. As well as all the usual fillings such as juicy beef or pork, you can also add in mushroom chorizo or a perfectly fried organic tofu.

Everything is hand-made and the friendly staff make it easy for you to customise your meal so it’s exactly what you want.

Dos Amigos Burritos Mexican Food

30. Orale Mexican Kitchen – Jersey City, New Jersey

Orale Mexican Kitchen puts a funky spin on Mexican food with its eclectic menu and food that’s seriously fresh and colourful.

Want to try some unusual guac? Of course you do. Go wild and order the Habanero version with truffled hot honey or a guacamole with Charred Scallion, Roasted Garlic, Seared Habanero, Tomato, Avocado & Cilantro served with “Ash Tortillas”.

Orale Mexican Kitchen

31. El Modelo Mexican Foods – Albuquerque, New Mexico

El Modelo began in a three-room home in 1929. One room of the house became the “factory”, where Mrs. Carmen Garcia made tortillas by hand. She would get up every morning at 2:00 am and have them ready to sell for breakfast.

The restaurant has been passed on and changed hands several times since, but it sticks true to its roots which amazing tacos and a loyal fan base. Hopefully it will be around for another 90 years to come at least.

El Modelo Mexican Foods

32. Los Mariscos – NY, New York

This cult-worthy restaurant was created when three friends (two Mexicans and an American) decided to bring truly authentic tacos to the East Coast.

The key is the family recipes that they use and the fact they bring much of the produce directly from Mexico. There’s a seafood-only vibe to the menu, with fresh clams, oysters and ceviches that taste as good as they look.

Los Mariscos in America

33. La Santa Modern Mexican Food – Raleigh, North Carolina

La Santa consistently serves up the most authentic Mexican food, made fresh every day. Their food is made using the owner’s mother’s recipes from Guadalajara, so you can try traditional dishes you won’t find elsewhere.

Margaritas are also made to order using freshly squeezed fruits and their large collection of high quality tequilas. A truly joyous place for a feast.

La Santa Modern Mexican Food

34. Mi Mexico Restaurant – Minot, North Dakota

After opening in 2008, Mi Mexico quickly became Minot’s finest authentic Mexican Cuisine and still is today. Mi Mexico is a family run business where the staff and food are absolutely top notch.

Can’t choose what to order? Get the Special Dinner for a little bit of everything: taco, tamale, enchilada, chile relleno, chalupa, rice and beans.

Mi Mexico Restaurant

35. Momocho –  Cleveland, Ohio

They have two locations which churn out absolutely epic Mexican food as well as some other non-Mexican dishes. The beauty here is that most of the dishes are made for sharing by groups, so when you add in their wonderfully stocked bar you’ll be in for a great night.

It’s the sort of place that always keeps things inventive and will have you coming back over and over for the buzz of the room and flavoursome cooking.

Momocho Mexican Food

36. Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Barrios is simply fine, fresh, made-with-love Mexican food in its purest form. Sounds ideal? It really is.

Pull up a seat on the patio to dig into their wood-fired fajitas, which are served with grilled onions, poblanos, queso cotija, mexican crema, kale & cabbage slaw, handmade flour tortillas, rice and refried beans.

Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes

37. Super Torta – Oregon City, Oregon

Super Torta has two locations in Oregon and serve simple and honest Mexican food. You know exactly what you are going to get here every single time and that is a traditional meal at an affordable price.

While all the dishes are delicious, they are best known for their tamales which will quickly have you addicted as soon as you take that first bite.

Super Torta in America

38. South Philly Barbacoa – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This unassuming Mexican eatery specialises in traditional slow-cooked barbacoa-style tacos and toppings. Blink and you could walk past the place, but that would be a huge mistake as you would be missing out on one of the greatest Mexican food experiences in the States.

Once you do discover it, you’ll be back at every opportunity you can.

South Philly Barbacoa in America

39. Tortilla Flats – Providence, Rhode Island

The food here is inventive with big portions and exciting American-influenced twists on the Mexican classics. Choose from Mexican, Cajun, and Southwestern cuisine, with unusual ingredients like beer battered alligator or coconut and blue corn-crusted salmon.

The best of both worlds – if you were to try just one thing we’d say the nachos should top that list.

Tortilla Flats Mexican Food

40. Real Mexico Restaurant – Columbia, South Carolina

A wonderfully authentic Mexican restaurant where they cook up all the classics like burritos, tortas, tacos alongside every other Mexican dish you could ever wish for. The room is small and gets busy quickly, as it’s a local favourite.

Great prices, good portion sizes and tasty cocktails round out a simply lovely dining experience.

Real Mexico Restaurant

41. Corona Village – Mitchell, South Dakota

Corona Village includes restaurants in several states throughout the western United States, with this Mitchell location a must-visit when in the area.

With affordable prices and large portions, this is the perfect place to bring the whole family for a big Mexican meal. Order the baked shrimp in a tequila butter sauce and wrapped in bacon for the ultimate treat.

Corona Village Mexican Food

42. Molcajete – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Molcajete uses only super fresh, authentic ingredients to bring you the flavours of Mexico and they import many of these to give their dishes and sauces the mild and spicy taste. There’s a huge range of seafood and cheesy dips to kick things off.

Their flavours are big and punchy with super generous portion sizes, as well as the added bonus of some great cocktails and beers to wash it all down with.

Molcajete in America

43. Fonda San Miguel – Austin, Texas

This is a magnificent building that feels like walking into Mexico itself. The sort of restaurant experience where you just lap up every second of the meal.

Their cooking style really is inventive and pushes the limits of what people expect from a Mexican restaurant. Case in point? This Tostadas De Cochinta Pibil, topped with shredded pork, seasoned and slow-cooked in a classic pibil style of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Fonda San Miguel in America

44. Red Iguana – Salt Lake City, Utah

This longstanding family restaurant cooks unique yet traditional Mexican recipes, and has even been featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”.

You can see the passion, experience and love that has gone into every single dish. From their famous Mahi Mahi fish tacos to the slow roasted pork loin, the menu is full of variety.

Red Iguana Mexican Food

45. El Cortijo – Burlington, Vermont

Head to this restored 1950’s diner car in downtown Burlington for a farm-to-taco experience in a fun and funky atmosphere. Fresh squeezed margaritas, a tequila bar, traditional tacos, burritos, and more. El Cortijo’s signature tacos include beef tongue and crispy fish.

They now have two locations in the city serving their fresh, light and exciting Mexican fusion style food.

El Cortijo Mexican Food

46.  Guajillo – Arlington, Virginia

As well as doing the classics like fajitas and enchiladas to a remarkably high standard, Guajillo also has some amazing fish dishes on the menu. This includes their famous fish bowls and a ceviche starter that is as fresh and tasty as anything you’ll taste in Mexico itself.

Try the burrito challenge if you’re up for it: a 16″ long burrito filled with tilapia, chorizo, carnitas, chicken and shredded beef.

Guajillo in America

47. Tacos Chukis – Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s best taqueria has a pretty wild background story: after graduating university, Roberto Salmerón cycled from Washington 1,700 miles down the coast to visit his hometown of Tijuana. He became so obsessed with the tacos of his childhood that when he returned to Seattle, Tacos Chukis was born.

There’s no sign outside, no website – this incredibly popular taco joint is famous for the quality of the food alone.

Tacos Chukis Mexican Food

48. Campestre – Princeton, West Virginia

Campestre now have three locations in the state and pride themselves on serving only the freshest, most delicious, authentic Mexican Cuisine.

Their dishes are always perfectly seasoned, generously portioned and always made to order. Choose from a grilled T-Bone steak with pico de gallo or shrimps with red, green and yellow bell peppers, onions and yellow squash and zucchini, in true Yucatan style.

Campestre Mexican Food

49. Guanajuato – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This family-run restaurant focuses on high quality, hand crafted Mexican food with artisan ingredients. Their loyal customers have stuck with them ever since 2007, following the move to a bigger location.

As well as traditional recipes and comfort-food dishes, it has super service which makes it feel more like a home than a restaurant.

Guanajuato in America

50. Guadalajara – Casper, Wyoming

No matter which style of Mexican food you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it for sure at this tasty family-style restaurant. Seafood lovers will be in heaven chowing down on the shrimp and whole fish dishes.

They now have four locations in Wyoming and one of the best happy hours in the state. Start with a couple of cocktails and then dig into their divine Mexican food.

Guadalajara in America

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