The 7 Best Milwaukee pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Milwaukee

The food scene in the city is super diverse, with an abundance of choice but we wanted to focus on Milwaukee pizza. ‘Cos it’s pretty great. In particular, finding the very best pizzas in the city.

From the classic Italian Neapolitan-style pizza to more traditional New York-style pies and everything in between, there is something here for everybody.

So grab a friend, work up an appetite and get ready to work your way through the seven best Milwaukee pizza spots…

Best pizzas in MilwaukeeHow do these rankings work?

1. Transfer Pizzeria Café

A brilliant bright and airy restaurant where they serve up a combination of great pizza, craft beers, super house cocktails and live music. The perfect place to start a night out with friends.

Their pizzas are on the thin and crispy side and come with a delicious selection of innovative toppings.

Milwaukee pizza

2. Fixture Pizza Pub

They serve up great subs, cocktails and other comfort food (like chicken wings) but the pizza is the true star of the show.

Their food is made for sharing so bring a few friends and mix and match between a few pies. This way, you can get the best of all worlds.

Fixture Pizza Pub in Milwaukee

3. Ian’s Pizza

This small chain have been making pizzas since 2001 and winning over masses of customers since day one.

Their base is thin and crispy and comes served either by the slice, or as a whole pie if you are seriously hungry. Once you take that first bite you’ll be hooked for life.

Ian's Pizza Milwaukee

4. Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co

They make some of the very best coffee in the city and have combined that with their love of pizza to churn out equally good pies.

Cooked in a wood-fired oven in less than two minutes, they are classic Italian in style with big spongey crusts and delicious fresh toppings.

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co Pizzeria

5. Wy’east Pizza

The main secret to their great tasting pies is the long fermented dough that is cooked in a super hot oven.

They char their pizzas perfectly to get that perfect crust, while ensuring the centre and toppings are still lush and perfectly fresh.

Wy'east Pizza in Milwaukee

6. Up-Down MKE

An arcade and nostalgia-based bar featuring more than 60 arcade games from the ‘80s and ‘90s. You’ll find brilliant pinball machines and Nintendo 64 console gaming.

Add in a great selection of beer and some of the tasty pizza slices in the entire city, and this is one seriously fun venue to come to with friends for a night out.

Up-Down MKE Pizzeria

7. San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana

Their pizza couldn’t be more classical in style or authentic. This is the real deal and every bit as good as anything you’d eat in Italy.

Their dough is made fresh and naturally fermented in accordance with the strict standards of the authentic Vera Pizza Napolenta. You know you are in the hands of pizza masters when eating here.

San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana

Not in the mood for a pizza but still want something tasty? Check out The 7 Best Burgers In Milwaukee.

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