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The 25 Best Pizzas In Missouri

There is no doubt that pizza in Missouri is up there with the best. From take-out to stay-in, the state’s obsession with pizza is understandable – especially when you take into consideration the word-of-mouth gems that don’t often have big bucks behind them.

A word of warning, though: you’re going to get hunger pangs looking through this list. If we didn’t love you so much we wouldn’t have told you that!

1. 1889 Pizza – Kansas City

1889 Pizza is a beautifully stylish restaurant that also serves up incredible pizza. The pies taste as fantastic as they look, with house specials including the Honey Bee with fresh pear, Gorgonzola and local honey. All pizzas can be made with either traditional Neapolitan crust or gluten-free crust. So, this spot is great for everybody.

2. Pizzeoli – St. Louis

For your classic Neapolitan-style pizzas, head to Pizzeoli. The pies are cooked in a wood-fired oven and come out sizzling hot and fresh. Most of the ingredients, from the cheese to the dough are made daily, in-house. Neapolitan-pizza purists should try the Margherita pizza here.

3. Shakespeare’s Pizza – Columbia

It’s all about the pizza here. And, well, some well-priced pints of beer. Located in a well-known college town, Shakespeare’s Pizza serves up perfectly cooked pies with wheat or white crust. And, while everything they whip up is bursting with flavour, you’ll find that The Masterpiece is a particularly delicious work of art. It’s got a whole pound of meat on it.

4. Rocco’s Pizza – Branson

Craving New York-style pizza in Missouri? Rocco’s is the place to go. Not only have they consistently ranked as the best pizza joint in Branson, but they easily snag a spot on our list of the best pizza in all of Missouri. Huge portions and the perfect balance of toppings to cheese and crust make their slices absolutely irresistible.

5. Saucy’s Pizzeria – Hillsboro

As the name suggests, Saucy’s Pizzeria does things up with a savoury saucy flair. What they seem to do really well, however, is to cater to unique tastes. Their monthly specials are just as creative as they are tasty. The current special is a “Gochujang Chicken Pizza” featuring sweet and spicy Asian chilli sauce, roasted red peppers, and juicy, roasted chicken.

6. PW Pizza – St Louis

PW Pizza is the best place to go to in St. Louis for a pizza and beer combination. The pies here are made fresh with seasonal ingredients and they also cater to health-conscious eaters by substituting for vegan cheeses and gluten-free crusts. With lots of great pizzas to choose from, pair it with one of their 40+ bottles of beer here.

7. Grinders- Kansas city

Locally famous for its New York-style pizzas and Philly cheesesteaks, the pizzas at Grinders are a must-eat in KC.

The food here has featured on hit shows Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, Guys Big Bite & Travel Channel’s Pizza Paradise, and for good reason. From calzones and classic slices to gourmet belly-busting pies with Tots, chili, Cheez Whiz, and green onions, the pizza here is divine.

8. Minsky’s Pizza – Blue Springs

As they say at Minsky’s, gourmet is the way. Expect nothing short of superbly crafted pizzas here, which all truly do live up to their gourmet status. Every bite is loaded with flavour, whether you’re ordering one of their famous Wisconsin-cheese topped pizzas or are venturing out and trying something tasty off their gluten-free menu.

9. Pizza By The Chef – Branson West

Hand-tossed pizzas at Pizza By The Chef have locals and tourists alike drooling before they even get seated. Every pizza here is prepared with 100% fresh ingredients and then baked in a traditional brick-lined deck oven. The result is a perfect pie that’s always tasty and never frozen. This kind of freshness is hard to beat.

10. Melo’s Pizzeria – St Louis

Melo’s Pizzeria is another pizza parlour that specialises in Neapolitan-style pizza. This award-winning pizza joint was named the best pizza joint in the entire state in 2018. Try their tomato sauce-less White Pizza which just comes with cheese and basil. Surprisingly without the sauce, it still tastes great!

11. Artego Pizza – Kansas City

Joe Perez, Kansas City native and former Chiefs player, built a unique pizzeria from recycled material that includes a full bar. The pizzas here are far from average – the dough is patiently fermented and uses herbs and oils for a crispy crust. Choose from their tasty creations loaded with toppings (get the super cheesy Formaggio) or build your own. Not starving? You can order a Mezzaluna, aka half a pizza.

Missouri pizza

12. Parmesan’s Pizzeria – Kimberling City

The secret here’s in the sauce. No, really. At Parmesan’s Pizzeria, they make all their own bread, pizza crust, pizza and pasta sauces. Featuring fresh flavours and ingredients that taste as they’ve just been picked from the farm, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better pizza in Missouri elsewhere.

13. TK’s Pizza – St. Robert

Where to start? Even people from New York, the pizza capital of the United States, rave about TK’s Pizza. The dough features just a pinch of salt, creating a nice, flavourful surprise for those tasting it for the first time. They’ve got the sauce balance down, even including the famous BBQ sauce that they use for their BBQ chicken pizza. Craving more meat? Order the bacon cheeseburger pizza and prepare to be delighted.

14. Pizza Head – St Louis

For the best New York-style pizza in St. Louis, you can find it at Pizza Head. The pies are proper New York perfection with the gooey cheese that tears from the pizza and their chewy crust to finish off that great slice of pizza. If you’re craving that New York-style of pizza, your best bet is to head over to Pizza Head. They also cater to vegetarians and vegans here as well.

15. Good News Brewing Company & Wood Fired Pizza – O’Fallon

Dry Stouts and Belgian Whites might initially draw the beer-savvy crowd to Good News Brewing Company, but it’s the wood-fired pizza that keeps them coming back for more. After all, what’s more perfect than a delicious pairing of craft beer and perfectly prepared pizza? Nothing, that’s what. Definitely order the fajita pizza. Pair it with any brew for a flavourful explosion like nothing else you’ve ever tasted.

16. Johnny Jo’s – Kansas City

Johnny Jo’s unique sauces, market-fresh ingredients and freshly made dough make this Sicilian-style old school pizza joint stand out. Pies are cooked fresh in a stone oven for a doughy base. It’s a small shop but it’s so good. Order the Tom and Art, which includes tomato and artichoke on a garlic butter herb sauce topped with mozzarella and provolone. Delicious.

Missouri pizza

17. Vito’s Original Pizza – Blue Springs

Ever tried BBQ brisket pizza? What about authentic Sicilian pepperoni pizza hot out of the oven? If not, then you’re in for one tasty treat at Vito’s Original Pizza. Here, you can order pizza by the slice. And, honestly, that’s great considering you’re going to want to try every mouthwatering flavour they’ve got on the menu.

18. Felix’s Pizza Pub – St. Louis

The pizzas at Felix’s Pizza Pub are a locals favourite because the pizza items on the menu are after names of local places/areas. While a pizza named Dogtown may not seem appetising, the pizzas are actually really tasty and the uniqueness of their pies appeals to everyone.

19. Bella Napoli – Kansas City

A truly authentic Italian ristorante and deli, owner Jake Imperiale hand selects each product for Bella’s deli and market and every item comes from Italy. The ingredients for the pizzas are all incredible. Plus, every Monday you can get a pizza for just $6. If you have room for dessert be sure to try their family recipe tiramisu – it’s divine.

Missouri pizza

20. Missouri Pizza Company – St. James

At Missouri Pizza Company you can enjoy great wood-fired pizza and award-winning smoked wings. The feast here is always flavourful as they use all fresh ingredients and make everything in-house. Literally, everything. It’s that fine, fresh flavour that makes the pizza here some of the absolute best pizza in Missouri.

21. Dewey’s – St. Louis

Dewey’s is a small pizza chain that is amazing for letting you decide how you want your pizza. Between white or red sauce, thick or thin crust, Dewey’s allows you to create your own pie and thus, you get to control how your pizza tastes. For a quick bite of some tasty pizza at a no-frills kind of chain in St. Louis, come to Dewey’s.

Best Missouri pizza

22. Il Lazzarone​ – Kansas City

The Neapolitan style pizza here features the freshest and high-quality ingredients, with San Marzano tomatoes for the sauce. Pizzas cook in their wood fire oven in less than 60 seconds, producing a lightly charred crust and soupy middle. They only use fior de late (fresh mozzarella) or mozzarella de bufala – this is as good as you’ll have in Italy.

Missouri pizza

23. Guido’s Pizza Place – Pleasant Hill

Guido’s Pizza Place is well-known in Pleasant Hill for offering guests a variety of delectable dishes. And, while we absolutely suggest trying their signature baked rigatoni and house salads, their pizza is absolutely to die for. From their taco pizza to a delicious Crazy Italian, you’re going to want to try every option at least once.

24. Old Shawnee – Kansas City

Open since 1969, Old Shawnee Pizza is anything but dated. Count on ingredients such as ghost pepper cheese, house-smoked pulled pork and spicy peanut sauce for an unusual twist.It’s been family-owned for more than 40 years and you can sense the warm, friendly vibe as soon as you walk in.

Missouri pizza

25. Pi Pizzeria – St Louis

Pi Pizzeria is a chain pizza shop in St. Louis that makes the best Chicago-style deep dish pizza around. They are former American president Barack Obama’s favourite pizza shop so you know they’re doing something right here! Try a slice of Chicago in St. Louis and go for the best deep dish pizza in town at Pi Pizzeria.

Missouri pizza

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