The 7 Best Montreal Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Montreal

This city has one of the most vibrant and exiting foodie scenes in North America, so it goes without saying that the Montreal pizza scene is nothing short of spectacular.

From classic Neapolitan-style pizza to simple slices that you grab and eat on the go, there is something here for everybody.

Get ready to stuff your belly with all these beautiful carbs as you work your way through the best Montreal pizza joints. How could you resist any of these tempting pizza joints?

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1. Pizzeria NO.900

Fired out in just 90 seconds, these pizzas are pretty damn special. It’s all thanks to NO.900’s unique fleur de sel Mozzarella, which gives their pizza its characteristic flavour.

Montreal Pizza

2. Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine

This slick pizzeria makes authentic pizzas with a soft chewy crust with slight charring and tangy tomato sauce. There’s a DIY pizza topping bar where you can customise your own as you like.

Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine in Montreal

3. Bottega

Bottega goes above and beyond when it comes to their pizza. Don’t expect anything ordinary here – their truffle pizza is full of freshly shaved truffles that are full of flavour.

Bottega Pizzeria

4. Pizzeria Bros

Pizzeria Bros’ dough, sauces and dressings are all homemade, and they serve up a super thin and tasty pizza.

The perfect place for a family meal out with quick friendly service and lots of delicious sides. Make sure to keep some room for their delicious desserts.

Pizzeria Bros in Montreal

5. Gema Pizzeria

Gema Pizzeria is a simple, stripped back room where they focus purely on world-class pizzas. Throw in some great craft beer choices and this really is one of the great Montreal pizza experiences.

The toppings are simple and classical; you don’t really need anything more when the basics are done this well.

Gema Pizzeria

6. Bevo Bar + Pizzeria

This fun spot is an absolutely buzzing two floor restaurant and bar that does some of the best pizzas and cocktails in the country.

They have a DJ from Thursdays to Sundays and they serve pizzas right up until 2am. Once you discover this place you’ll quickly be planning your next visit.

Bevo Bar + Pizzeria in Montreal

7. Pizzeria Melrose

Sitting out on their terrace in the warmer months with a pizza and a glass of wine is one of life’s great treats. Pizzeria Melrose is a local fave, and we can see why.

Their pizzas are classic in style with a medium crust and one of the richest and tastiest tomato sauces you will ever experience. An absolute delight.

Montreal pizza

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