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7 of the Most Beautiful Lakes in England

When most people imagine beautiful lakes in the UK, the Scottish Highlands and their abundance of stunning lakes come to mind. However, England is also home to some of Britain’s most beautiful lakes, whether in the iconic Lake District or East Sussex. Whether you’re a local looking for a peaceful spot to spend the afternoon or are just brushing up on the English landscape, here are our picks for the most beautiful lakes in England. 

7 of the Most Beautiful Lakes in England

1. Lake Windermere

Tucked deep within the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, you’ll find one of England most beautiful lakes, Lake Windermere. Surrounded by peaceful, forested hills and dotted with charming villages, it’s Lake Windermere is a huge tourist destination for England whether it be sporting or just some R&R. Even more impressive, coming in at 10.5 miles long and over 200 feet deep, it’s the largest natural lake in England. 

2. Dozmary Pool

Surrounded by natural beauty and loaded with ancient lore, Dozmary Pool is by far one of the most interesting lakes in England. Long thought to be the home of the Lady of the Lake who gave King Arthur his mythical sword, Excalibur, the lake and area surrounding it are full of old stories that add to the already beautiful character. Nearby you’ll also find Cornwall’s two highest hills – Brown Willy and Rough Tor, which provide stunning views over Dozmary Pool.

beautiful lakes england

3. Black Park Lake 

Located not too far from Pinewood Film Studios, this gorgeous lake has been featured in films such as the James Bond series, Harry Potter Series, Sleepy Hollow and many, many more. However, despite its cinematic CV, it remains off the primary tourist track and remains one of England’s most peaceful lakes. Sat smack dab in the middle of the 530-acre woodlands of Black Park, it’s a paradise within a paradise. 

beautiful lakes england

4. Coniston Water

Framed by the Eastern Fells of Fairfield and Helvellyn, Coniston Water is one of the most peaceful and beautiful bodies of water in England. So beautiful in fact, that Coniston Water gave way to Arthur Ransome’s inspiration for Swallows and Amazons. At about five miles long, it’s the third largest of the Lake District’s 16 lakes, and is a hotbed for kayaking and watersports year-round. 

beautiful lakes england

5. Bewl Water 

In England’s south-east where East Sussex meets Kent, you’ll find Bewl Water. Thie sprawling countryside lake is famous for family picnics and everything from kayaking to hiking, making it a perfect getaway for nature lovers. Not only is the lake itself stunning, but it is surrounded by 800 acres of outstanding natural beauty, otherwise known as the High Weald. 

beautiful lakes england

6. Buttermere

Another Lake District gem that doubles as one of England’s most beautiful lakes is Buttermere. While it may be a modest size of less than half a square mile, its real claim to fame is its natural surroundings. Bordering the tranquil lake, you’ll find iconic peaks such as Haystacks and Red Pike, plus a plethora of walking trails. Thanks to the flat terrain which immediately borders the lake, it can be looped in just two hours. 

7. Caldecotte Lake

Surrounded on all sides by acres of parkland, save for the charming windmill, and home to some of England’s most rich bird populations, Caldecotte Lake is in a league of its own. This peaceful lake is famous for its serene atmosphere and abundant wildlife making it perfect for nature lovers or those who just want to relax over the weekend. The lake is also a popular fishing and boating spot for amateur and pro anglers alike. 

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