Green lake with green trees and mountains in the background. Lac st Guérin in France

7 of the Most Beautiful Lakes in France

There are hundreds of beautiful lakes in France, and the French really do make the most of them. No matter what time of the year, you’ll see people on the lakes boating, swimming, fishing and partaking in water sports. Others simply stroll around the shoreline and just enjoy the unbeatable views. Want to join them?

If you are looking for a wet and wild time in the land of cheese and wine, we’ve got some destination inspiration with some of the most beautiful lakes in France.

7 of the Most Beautiful Lakes in France

Lac de Gaube

Lac de Gaub is located in the French Pyrenees at foot of the Vignemale massif. You access the lake via a chair lift or walking trail. This high altitude lake is surrounded by peaks which are reflected in the turquoise-blue waters. It is postcard perfection. No wonder Lake Gaube has been inspiring romantic writers and painters for centuries. It’s hard not to fall in love with the place.

One of the most beautiful lakes in France Lake Gaube

Lac de Genos-Loudenvielle

Nestled in the French Pyrenees and surrounded by meadows and pastures, this lake has an idyllic setting. It is a great spot to spend the day reacquainting yourself with nature. Enjoy walks along the shoreline, take a boat out, go fishing, paddle a canoe or just chill out with a picnic at this most picturesque place.

Lac de Genos-Loudenvielle is one of the most beautiful lakes in France

Lac d’Antrene

If you are looking for a wild and rugged landscape, you’ll find it at Lac d’Antrene in the Sixt-Passy nature preserve. The glacial lake is at the bottom of an alpine cirque, an amphitheatre-like valley, and is surrounded by the peaks of the Fiz mountains. The lake is teaming with fish and the meadows are home to marmots and ibex. This lake is one for wildlife enthusiasts.

Lac d'anterne one of the most beautiful lakes in France

Lac de St Croix

Lac de St Croix is ideal for those looking for a wet and wild time. This large manmade freshwater lake is in a nature reserve in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region. The sandy lakeshores are perfect for sunbathing and picnics but the real action takes place on the water. The lake is awash with sailors, paddlers, swimmers and windsurfers. Come to Lac de St Croix and be as wild or mild as you like.

lac saint croix france lake

Lac Montriond

Also called the Green Lake, Lac Montriond is serene and scenic. All around is an inspiring landscape of forests, cliffs, waterfalls and the peaks of the Vallée d’Aulps. Dotted along the lake are beautiful, traditional chalets and some wonderful French restaurants – a perfect spot for lunch if you haven’t packed a picnic. The crystal clear waters reflect the surroundings and offer a refreshing dip during the hot summer months.

Green trees reflected in the water of Lac Montriond in France

Lac Saint Guérin

Channel your inner Indiana Jones as you cross the 80-metre-long Himalayan footbridge bridge suspended 20 metres above Lac St Guérin.  As you cross the bridge you will have a great view of the Saint Guérin dam. You can’t swim in this lake but there is a very beautiful walk around the lakeshore with magnificent panoramic views. After your walk, you can cool your feet in the water.

Lac st Guérin is one of the most beautiful lakes in France

Lac d’Annecy

Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in France, Lac d’Annecy really is breathtaking. Located in the Haute-Savoie region in the Alps of eastern France, Lake Annecy is “Europe’s cleanest lake” due to the strict environmental controls. This makes the lake ideal for a splishing and a splashing. But watch out, as you’ll also be sharing the clean waters with people fishing, rowing, sailing, diving and water skiing.

Calm waters of Lake Annecy

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