The 7 Best Munich Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Munich

As the capital of the Bavaria region, this is a city with a serious diversity of food options (hey there, schnitzels!) but Munich burgers are what enticed you here, so Munich burgers is what you’ll get.

From the huge stuffed burgers loaded with toppings to a simple cheeseburger, this is a list that has something for everybody. The best of the best.

So grab a friend, work up and appetite and get ready to devour the very best Munich burgers

Best burgers in MunichHow do these rankings work?

1. Der Kleine Flo 

Ever feel like one big burger is just too much of the same thing and that sometimes you’d like a little variety? Well, this is the spot for you. Der Kleine Flo do small sliders that allow you to mix and match several delicious burgers.

Which ones to pick? That is the only tough question.

Der Kleine Flo In Munich

2. Burger House

As Burger House now has locations all across the city, they’re able to be completely uniform in their quality and can source the very best ingredients. The result is perfection, no matter which of their venues you visit.

Burger House In Munich

3. Ruff’s Burger

Ruff’s is huge on portion size and one for those who love struggling – and succeeding – to get the whole burger into their mouth. Their focus on quality ingredients leaves the burger tasting spellbinding.

Ruff’s Burger

4. M.C.Mueller

As they say themselves, they have been “Munich’s first premium burger bar since 2006”. So you know anywhere serving burgers for that long is going to be something special. Throw in some great cocktails and beers and this is a match made in heaven.

M.C.Mueller Hamburger

5. Hamburgerei EINS 

With two locations in the city (very simply called “one” and “two”), it’s all about the inventiveness of the menu and toppings here. They do great sweet potato fries and the toppings are piled high, yet still the perfect size to wedge into your mouth and eat on the go.

Munich Burgers

6. CA-BA-LU Bar

The patties here are made from the finest Aberdeen Angus beef. The sauce is homemade and is their secret weapon; plus, onions are caramelised slowly to create a wonderful burger.

They have some classics on the menu but also mix it up with a burger of the week, which is always worth checking out. Throw in some delicious house cocktails and this is not a place you want to miss when visiting Munich.

CA-BA-LU Bar Hamburger in Munich

7. Holy Burger

Holy Burger serve truly organic burgers; they carefully source only the very best beef and shape their patties several times a day. Everything they do is about the core produce that makes up the burger and finding the very best.

They also have veggie and vegan burgers for those wanting to ditch the meat and a great selection of local beers.

Holy Burger in Munich

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