National cheeseburger day

National Cheeseburger Day 2019: The 50 Best Cheeseburgers In America

The 18th of September is one of the most glorious 24 hours of the year. Why? Well, fellow burger lovers, today is actually National Cheeseburger Day. An entire day where we get to celebrate and honour one of the best meals known to mankind.

To give you every chance to make the most of National Cheeseburger Day 2019, we wanted to round up the 50 best cheeseburgers in the USA. Americans eat an estimated 50 billion burgers a year, with Oklahoma and Nevada both having the highest consumption per capita. 

There’s over 50,000 burger joints in the US, and with our list of the very best cheeseburgers in the country you have no reason not to go out and eat one of these amazing creations today…

Best Cheeseburgers In AmericaHow do these rankings work?

1. Farm Burger – Huntsville, Alabama

The key to their amazing cheeseburger is sourcing the freshest of ingredients from local suppliers. We’re pretty jealous of the residents of Huntsville to have this on their doorstep.

After that, they focus on keeping things incredibly simple with great meat, onions and melted cheese. Absolute perfection.

2. Table 6 – Anchorage, Alaska

A casual bar where they have a great selection of beers on taps and one of the tastiest cheeseburgers ever. The beef is perfectly juicy and dripping with cheese.

The portions are big and you’ll struggle to get it into your mouth all in one go. It’s worth the mess.

3. The Stand – Phoenix, Arizona

This casual burger joint may have a small menu, but when burgers taste as good as these you don’t need to mess with simple perfection. Get the salted Dulce du Leche shake to really go all out for your feast here.

4. Smitty’s Garage Burgers & Beer – Fayetteville, Arkansas

They’ve been perfecting their burgers for years and although there are lots of great toppings on the menu, the classic cheeseburger is where you’ll want to keep your focus.

Double patties, crispy bacon and absolutely loads of cheese make this a serious treat.

5. HiHo Cheeseburger – Los Angeles, California

Cheeseburgers don’t get much better than this. Two beautifully hand shaped patties, some classic condiments and loaded with cheese.

The burger is the perfect size to pick up with one hand and stuff into your mouth. An absolute taste sensation.

National cheeseburger day

6. Border Burger Bar – Colorado Springs, Colorado

The burgers come on trays with classic toppings and some of the crispiest fries ever. They don’t over complicate things; serving a burger so pretty you’ll nearly not want to eat it and disturb it. Nearly!

7. Ted’s Restaurant – Meriden, Connecticut

They’ve been making their burgers for over 50 years, so they clearly know what they are doing. The secret trick? They steam the cheese into the meat patty for a perfect blend.

Once you taste this cheeseburger no other will be comparable ever again!

8. Grub Burger Bar – Wilmington, Delaware

Their burgers are perfectly formed and homemade daily, using only the freshest ingredients. There’s lots of choice on the menu but the classic cheeseburger is the focus here.

Thick, juicy and oh-so-cheesy.

9. The Whiskey – Orlando, Florida

They specialise in two very important things (and tasty!) things here: burgers and whiskey. When it comes to the drink side of things they proudly serve over 200 kinds of Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, & Rye.

As for the burger? It’s tender and juicy, and multi award-winning. Make sure you get some of their house onion rings with it because they are an absolute delight.

10. Bocado – Atlanta, Georgia

A stylish American-ingredient focused restaurant, there’s plenty of delicious things to choose from the menu here. But look, you need to come here for one thing; the Bocado burger stack with American cheese and house-made pickles.

National cheeseburger day

11. Island Ono Loa Grill – Kona, Hawaii

The only thing better than eating a great cheeseburger is eating one in paradise. This place ticks so many boxes with a great menu, but the cheeseburger is the star of the show.

Juicy and packed full of flavour, it’s one of the best cheeseburgers you will ever eat.

12. Big Jud’s – Boise, Idaho

There’s three Big Jud’s locations in the county and if you ask any local they will absolutely rave about their cheeseburgers.

They stack them high, so you’ll need a serious appetite but this is one treat you won’t forget in a hurry. What better way to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day?

13. The Loyalist – Chicago, Illinois

By developing a relationship with a 20-acre farm an hour south of the city they are able to source and create the very best produce from scratch. Their burger is simple and classic, but it ticks every single box for perfection.

14. Milktooth – Indianapolis, Indiana

Milktooth is well-known for their breakfast and brunch, but their burgers pack a real punch. With two lamb and beef patties, American cheese, steamed onions, fancy sauce, and shredded lettuce, it’s a simple, American-style burger. And it delivers.

15. Saucy Focaccia – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This gourmet burger restaurant goes above and beyond when it comes to flavour. From their fresh baked bread,  homemade cheese sauces to fresh pressed beef patties, the burgers here are on a whole other level.

16. Third Street Social – Kansas City, Kansas

With an All-American vibe menu that is driven by the chefs’ imaginations, the burgers here are super high end, with out-of-this-world flavour. Whether you go for the jalapeno spicy BBQ burger or their legendary Animal Style (Thousand Island spread, mustard grilled patties, and extra pickles), you’ll be wiping drool off your face for days afterward.

17. Sidebar at Whiskey Row – Kentucky

Set in a historic building downtown, Sidebar cooks up gourmet burgers and offers an expansive bourbon menu. While the burgers are original and taste great, you’ll want to go on an empty stomach to have enough room for a boozy milkshake at the end of the meal. Try the Hung Jury burger because it includes beer cheese.

18. The Company Burger – New Orleans, Louisiana

These droolworthy burgers are absolutely incredible. They make their own buns, pickles and mayo. Not only that, they handcut their own fries and make their own onion rings. Delicious.

19. Harmon’s Lunch – Falmouth, Maine

This cash-only roadside burger paradise is a classic. Get two double cheeseburgers with everything on them (sweet red relish, grilled onions, American cheese, and mustard) for the ultimate experience.

20. Hamilton Tavern – Baltimore, Maryland

Hamilton Tavern serves up the most perfectly well-balanced burger in all of Baltimore. Half sweet and half savoury, the Crosstown Burger is the real star of their menu and keeps people coming back again and again.

The Crosstown Burger should be the real reason you come to Hamilton Tavern. From the juicy Roseda Farm beef and the horseradish-cheddar mayo, the undeniable add-on must-order with this burger is the bacon, which is where you’ll get the amazing sweetness.

21. Drink – Boston, Massachusetts

Best known for its boujie cocktails, Drink also does a truly superb burger. The once-secret burger is now permanently on the menu and features Colorado wagyu beef. It’s then topped with American cheese, Bibb lettuce, house pickles, shaved red onion, black pepper mayo and ketchup, on a freshly toasted Hi-Rise Bread Company bun.

22. Grey Ghost Detroit – Detroit, Michigan

Grey Ghost Detroit is a stylish eatery that’s all about showcasing the art of butchery. The burgers here are on another level to what you’ve tried before: gourmet and full of goodness.

They keep things simple with only a cheeseburger on the menu. Add an egg on top for a real treat.

23. Revival -Minneapolis, Minnesota

Revival is famous for their smoked meats and really great beers. Their brisket, waffles and fried chicken are all world class, but take our advice and head straight for the burgers.

Double (or triple if you are feeling super hungry) patties, classic in style with melted cheese and pickles. Wash it down with one of their signature cocktails and you’ll be leaving here with a massive smile on your face.

24. Ed’s Burger Joint – Hattiesburg, Mississippi

They focus on keeping things simple with the freshest beef and the tastiest home made buns. The burger is loaded up with cheese that absolutely melts into your mouth.

Each component of the burger – from the soft buns to the dripping American cheese – combines for an absolute powerhouse of a cheeseburger.

25. Hogshead – Kansis City, Missouri

This creative American restaurant focuses on local ingredients from local small businesses and you instantly taste the quality.

Choose whether you want a single, double or triple cheeseburger with thick cut bacon, fried egg, pickles, onion and dijonnaise. Tender and full of flavour, with amazing sides (hey there smoked cheddar grits) to go with it.

26th. Backcountry Burger Bar – Bozeman, Montana

Their motto is to “keep things simple” and that is exactly what they do with one of the best burgers ever.

It is classic in style with a big juicy patty. It’s also just the perfect size to get your entire mouth around it in one go. As close to perfection as you’ll get in a cheeseburger.

27. Stella’s – Omaha, Nebraska

Continuously voted Omaha’s best burger, we’re going to officially crown Stella’s Bar and Grill as the best burger in the whole state. Their legendary Stellanator challenge is extreme: 6 burger patties, 6 fried eggs, 6 pieces of cheese, 12 pieces of bacon, fried onions, peanut butter… the list goes on.

28th. Hell’s Kitchen – Las Vegas, Nevada

Hell’s Kitchen is quite possibly one of the most famous restaurants in the world, after Gordon Ramsay’s TV show with the same name.

Located in Caesars Palace this is no gimmick though, because their burgers are the real deal. Yes, you will feel like you are on a TV set but the food is exceptional – as you would expect from any Ramsay restaurant.

29. Black Mtn. Burger Co. – Lincoln, New Hampshire

Their cheeseburger is super inventive with black bean and corn salsa loaded up with pepperjack cheese and grilled pineapple. It’s a little different than your usual regular cheeseburger sure, but isn’t that what celebrating National Cheeseburger Day is all about?

An absolute taste sensation that you’ll be thinking for days after eating it.

30. Wingcraft Kitchen & Beer Bar – Atlantic City, New Jersey

Wingcraft Kitchen & Beer Bar opened in June of 2014 and is located inside the Tanger Outlets. The menu is designed with small plates and sharing platters to make it the perfect place to start a night out with friends. Forget sharing though and grab the burger all for yourself. You’ll want every last bite of this all to yourself.

31. Brixens – Albuquerque, New, Mexico

Brixens features a wide variety of food but none are better than their burgers. The burgers here are hefty in size and will definitely leave you with a full stomach.

Come here for their 66 Crunch Burger, a cheeseburger that includes thinly-sliced deep fried potatoes, giving your burger that added crunch dimension.

32. J.G. Melon – New York, New York

J.G. Melon is a New York burger throwback joint. This East Side classic have been serving the best pub-style cheeseburgers to New Yorkers since the 1970s with no signs of slowing down.

Come to J.G. Melon for your no-frills and no-gimmicks, classic American cheeseburger.

33. The Crunkleton – Charlotte, North Carolina

Signature cocktails and an unrivalled collection of curated spirits make this one of the best places to drink in the city. Throw in a burger that is epic in quality and this is the place you’ve been looking for your entire life. Or y’know, at least definitely National Cheeseburger Day.

34. JL Beers – Bismark, North Dakota

JL Beers is best known as a place to come and drink really great craft beer, but the burger is the true hidden gem. It’s simple yet delicious: just great beef, melted cheese and a fresh, soft bun.

Paired up with one of their IPAs and some good company you will find yourself in cheeseburger heaven.

35. The Grandview Cafe – Columbus, Ohio

The Grandview Cafe is the place to come for the burger of all burgers: dry aged beef, bourbon caramelised onion, smoked bacon, tomato jam, three cheese blend of fontina, white cheddar & gruyere on a soft pretzel roll.

It’s a droolworthy feast.

36. Tucker’s Onion Burgers – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

These guys are always busy for a reason: their delicious fresh ground beef is all-natural and hormone free, ethically produced by regional growers. Tucker’s has four convenient locations in OK, so you won’t have to go too far for your fix.

The cheeseburger has everything you could ever want – double layers and alllll the flavour.

37. Trifecta Tavern – Portland, Oregon

This stylish hangout is a Jack of all trades, but it’s their premium, meaty burger that you should focus on. Perfectly charred and crispy, with two patties, pimento cheese and aioli on a house-made brioche bun. Delicious.

38. BRGR – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Now with five locations and a food truck, BRGR have a loyal group of super fans who adore their burgers and shakes. Huge portions here, so you’ll want to come with a serious appetite.

The cheeseburger comes double stacked for a serious feast. Race you here!

39. Jo’s American Bistro – Newport, Rhode Island

The Bacon Onion Jam burger at Jo’s American Bistro is a whopper. Bacon onion jam (obviously), dijon mustard, cheddar cheese, special sauce and homemade pickles all pile on top of this bad boy. Bacon onion jam is the condiment you never knew you needed in your life.

40. Grill Marks COLA – Greenville, South Carolina

Grill Marks has three locations in the state (two in Greenville and one in Columbia) where they serve great burgers, shakes and have a full bar. What a great combo.

Their burgers are on the big size, making this is the perfect place to bring the family during the day or some friends at night for a serious treat meal!

41. Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews – Rapid City, South Dakota

Founded in 2012, they now have five locations and their big claim to fame is that you can choose from over 50 burgers and brews.

Tons of imaginative toppings and sauces and you can choose a beef, chicken, or veggie patty. Once you get cheese on it – that’s a must for today! Endless beer and burger choices; life doesn’t really get much better than this.

42. Dyer’s Burgers – Memphis Tennessee

This popular downtown diner has been serving up diner-style burgers since 1912—and using the same grease. The 100-year-old garlic-infused grease is the secret to Dyer’s Double Double with Cheese. (Don’t worry, they strain the “ageless cooking grease” for frying Dyer’s beef patties daily.)

Two thin griddle-fried patties come two slices of gooey American cheese, mustard, pickle, and onions, on a simple bun. Yum.

43. Good Friend Beer Garden And Burger House – Dallas, Texas

The perfect place to hit up after work or on the weekend to hang out with friends. You’ll come for the cheeseburgers which are seriously delicious, but their vast selection of craft beers and a lovely atmosphere might keep you here a little longer…

44. HSL – Salt Lake City, Utah

A brilliant fine dining restaurant that is driven by the seasons and strives to source local and regional ingredients at the height of freshness.

The menu is super appealing, but we urge you to go for the cheeseburger which looks like a work of art and tastes even better. It’s funky and flavourful.

45. ArtsRiot – Burlington, Vermont

Inspired by flavours from around the globe,  the restaurant at ArtsRiot performance venue consistently impresses. It’s the cheeseburger though, that we’re suckers for. Get triple patties only if you can handle the beef. And the cheese… That melty, glorious cheese.

46. Basic Burger – Arlington, Virginia

Basic Burger does exactly what its name suggests: burgers, done basic, yet perfect. Just the way they should be. Great beef, crisp veggies, fantastic buns, and their Basic sauce for that special twist.

There’s just the right amount of cheese on this burger, so the beef really shines through.

47. Rain City Burgers – Seattle, Washington

This burger joint is appropriately named for all the rain that Seattle has, but rain or shine, Rain City Burgers cooks some of the best burgers in Seattle. With a heavy sports theme, many of their burgers are named after the local sports teams.

For soccer fans, get The Sounders burger. If you’re a football fan, get the 12th Man burger, and baseball fanatics can get the Mariners burger.

48. Avenue Eats – Wheeling, West Virginia

A small cosy restaurant with a wonderful terrace that you could easily walk by without knowing just what lays inside.

It’s home to one of the best cheeseburgers in the entire country, with that perfect amount of crunch mixed with great meat and cheese.

49. Stack’d Burger Bar-Wisconsin

They place huge emphasis on sourcing the very best ingredients that are as local as possible. The end result? Some truly stunning burgers that along with their large selection of craft beer are make for a match made in heaven.

50. Liberty Burger – Jackson, Wyoming

Liberty Burger is a seriously sustainable restaurant that focuses on the three Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Their burger doesn’t suffer though, as it is seriously tasty and absolutely loaded with cheese. As perfect a cheeseburger as you could ever wish for on National Cheeseburger Day.

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