Nepalese dishes

7 Nepalese Dishes You Have To Try

With influences from its neighbours India, Tibet and China, Nepalese dishes are full of flavour and seriously scrumptious. Nepali cuisine is the perfect blend of Asian cuisines with its own ethnic and regional spin, from the famous momos (similar to Chinese dumplings), chow mein and soups, curries, vegetables, salads, lean meat, pickles, and curd. The food here is generally quite healthy too – perfect for all the adventuring you will be doing in the country!

Want to try recreate some of the food from Nepal at home? We have some delicious Nepali recipes below. The best thing about these recipes is they have been created by people who know wha they are talking about. They come from some of the world’s top bloggers.

Make sure you check the rest of the recipes on their sites and bookmark the ones you love…

Best Nepalese Dishes

1. Nepalese Dal Bhat

Nepali Dal Bhat or Dahl Bhat, is a dish made of lentils and rice. It is considered to be the national dish of Nepal! It’s full of flavour and wonderfully comforting.

Recipe is by Who Noms The World.

2. Momos

The use of coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger in the dumpling mixture and the Tomato Chilli Chutney they’re served with is what really sets these dumplings apart from any other Chinese/Japanese/Korean dumpling.

Recipe is by Tilly Eats.

Chopsticks holding Momos with Tomato Chutney on top

3. Nepalese-Style Mustard Greens

It can’t get any easier to make greens with a kick. Serve these with rice and lentil dahl.

Recipe is by the Spice House.

4. Nepalese Goat Curry (Thakali Style)

Nepalese has a special taste for goat meat and they like to serve goat curry at special occasions. This special goat curry recipe was provided by London-based Nepalese chef Binod Baral.

Recipe is by Chef’s Pencil.

Nepalese Goat Curry (Thakali Style)

5. Peanut Sadeko

Peanut sadeko, a Nepalese appetiser that satisfies like an entree and tastes like a snack, combines the resounding crunch peanuts and dry roasted edamame with bold, pungent, and savoury spices.

Recipe is by Bittersweet Blog.

Nepalese dishes

6. Chatamari

Chatamari is a very popular snack in Kathmandu. It’s a rice-flour crepe (thinner than bara) that is cooked with a variety of savoury toppings such as chopped onions, fresh coriander, minced meat, egg, chillis and various spices. This is a vegan version.

Recipe is by Arousing Appetites.

Nepalese dishes

7. Aloo ko Achar

Aloo ko achar is a popular Instant pickle from Nepali cuisine. Potatoes and peas tossed in mustard oil and fenugreek tadka is an Nepali Recipe of Potato curry. An easy and simple Nepalese recipe.

Recipe is by My Tasty Curry.

Nepalese dishes

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