Best New Zealand Burgers

The 25 Best Burgers In New Zealand 2019

While great food comes in many different forms, it’s hard to argue that the humble burger is one of the world’s great dishes. Like so many of the classics, it is simple, relatively cheap and utterly delicious.

Given the range of amazing produce on offer – coupled with world class chefs – it’s hardly surprising that the standard of New Zealand burgers is off the charts.

After rounding up the best burgers in Europe, Australia and Canada,it’s time for the very best New Zealand Burgers for 2019 to be revealed.

The judging criteria:

  • Finalists were selected from across New Zealand
  • Votes were cast in poll of Big 7 readers, across our 1.5million community on social media and by a panel of food experts
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if we’ve missed out on any must-try burger places across New Zealand please do let us know

Best New Zealand Burgers

25th. Fork And Brewer – Wellington

When a place that serves burgers this tasty also has 40 beer taps to go along with them, you know you are in for a memorable experience. The perfect place to hang out with friends.

Fork And Brewer Burger in NZ

24th. Better Burger – Auckland

They use fresh, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients to make deliciously simple burgers, all wrapped up in 100% compostable packaging for a better fast food experience.

Perfect sized burgers for people who hate it when there’s so many toppings that it ruins what the core product should be.  Simple, but brilliant. New Zealand Burgers don’t get much better than this.

Better Burger in New Zealand

23rd. Burger Wisconsin – Napier

This NZ owned and operated business has been serving burgers for over two decades, so that’s a pretty good indicator of just how good they are. There’s several locations around the islands and they excel with brilliantly efficient service.

Burger Wisconsin in New Zealand

22nd. Andy’s Burgers And Bar – Auckland

Along with deals on jugs of beer and $1 wings ,they serve up delicious burgers that are served piping hot American-style to perfection. A great place to come with a group of mates for good no nonsense food and a solid feed.New Zealand Burgers

21st. The Portlander – Wellington

The Portlander is more up-market than some of the other spots on the list but who says that high end restaurants shouldn’t be serving up amazing burgers? Not us, that’s for sure. The burgers are absolutely top class and elegant in size with perfect French style “frites”.

The Portlander Hamburger in NZ

20th. Burgers & Beers Inc – Christchurch

As they say themselves: “an extremely uncomplicated thought process brought us to the facts that a lot of people enjoy burgers, & a lot of people enjoy beer, so we just decided to make a lot of people happy by combining them.” The result? A place with little fuss, a great product and some of the friendliest staff in the country.

Burgers & Beers in NZ

19th. Grill Meats Beer – Wellington

If you grill really good meats with a focus on burgers and also serve world class beer then you are doing a lot right in our books. The burgers are juicy, the buns perfect and the meat always super fresh.

New Zealand Burgers

18th. Slick Burgers – Christchurch

Their burgers are both super inventive and melt-in-the-mouth-tasty. The buzz of the place alongside the passionate owners and staff make it feel like fun every time you visit. All eating experiences should be like this.

Slick Burgers in New Zealand

17th. Tiger Burger – Auckland

Tiger Burger started out as a food stall in 2014 to share the fun and delicious flavours of Asia. They grew into their full time home in 2016, where their legions of customers devour their burgers with an Asian twist. Something different that’s super delish.Tiger Burger in NZ

16th. Velvet Burger – Christchurch

A proper chilled out burger bar where people can really chill and feel at home. Velvet Burger place a big emphasis on only using the best ingredients possible, and with great selection of beers and even wine there is something for everybody.

Velvet Burger in NZ

15th. BurgerFuel – Nationwide

BurgerFuel has been doing so much for the NZ burger scene for decades that they simply have to be on the list. Their branding, burgers and shakes are all on point and as well as seeing them at festivals when you’re out and about, the big international expansion is on. A brand that Kiwis can be proud of. New Zealand Burgers at their absolute best.

BurgerFuel in NZ

14th. Ekim Burgers – Wellington

Ekim Burgers has a super chilled out seating area for after you get your burger, with the chance you’ll be right beside strangers. This actually really adds to the vibe of the place – plus, with burgers this good you’ll be coming back on a regular basis.

Ekim Burgers in New Zealand

13th. The Flaming Onion – Auckland 

A proper old-school burger joint where the service comes close to topping the food. The classic double patty burger is a must and their sweet potato fries are the stuff of legend.

A proper old-school burger in NZ

12th. Big J’s – Auckland

They serve gourmet burgers with super exciting toppings here, with home made burger patties, sauces, fresh, quality ingredients and weekly changing specials. You’ll never have a bad burger in here – fact.

Big J's Burger

11th.  Ralph’s Bar And Eatery – Auckland

Ralph’s Bar and Eatery focuses on free range meats as well as having vegetarian and vegan options. Throw in their refreshing craft beer options and an outdoor courtyard for the summer and the place really has it all.

New Zealand Burgers

10th. Bacon Brothers – Christchurch

You’ll find these beauties at either their burger bar, farmer’s markets or from their food truck. They pack in just about as many fillings in one burger as is humanely possible. How could anyone resist this?

Burger bar in NZ

9th. Reburger – Dunedin

You can double, triple or even quadruple up on the juicy meat patty at Reburger, as well as throwing in some satisfying sides. The result is that you come here when you have a serious appetite and you leave feeling super fulfilled.

Reburger in NZ

8th. The Barn Burger And Grill – Tauranga

This may be tucked away but once you do find this spot and sit down with a chilled beer and one of their burgers you’ll realise that this is what life is all about. Add in their super friendly staff and this place will quickly become a firm favourite.

The Barn Burger And Grill in NZ

7th. Eat Burger – Hamilton

They offer mouth watering, good value burgers right in the heart of Hamilton’s CBD and with super locally sourced ingredients you know it is always going to be fresh. Downright delicious, and jam-packed with flavour.

Eat Burger in New Zealand

6th. Burger Liquor – Wellington

Burger Liquor is just one of those restaurants that are just really good fun to eat in. Superb shakes, cocktails and chicken dishes are on the menu, but the one dish to go for here is the classic beef burger, because it’s as close to perfection as you’re likely to get.

Classic beef burger in NZ

5th. Fergburger – Queenstown

Fergburger is iconic a burger joint as you are ever to walk into. Loved by locals and tourists alike, you’ll be told to come here by Ferg-Fans time and time again, and you won’t regret it. This is one to take with you on the go and find a nice vantage point by the water to savour it at.

Fergburger in NZ

4th. Burger Burger – Auckland

With four locations around the city, this wildly popular chain serve some of the tastiest food in the country. While there are lots of fantastic items on the menu, the foolproof burger is the way forward with some tasty sides. An absolute joy of an eating experience.

Burger Burger in NZ

3rd. Good Good – Dunedin

Good Good have an impressive selection of burgers with the menu also featuring nice specials. Perfectly sized to be held in one hand and the venue has super chilled out vibes and a cool crowd. One to keep an eye on.

Good Good Hamburger in NZ

2nd. Corner Burger Mt Eden – Auckland

Corner Burger serves craft burgers and beers to a super loyal customer base who all rave about the place. The burgers are picture perfect so make sure to grab that Instagram shot before firing it into you.

Corner Burger in NZ

1st. Five Boroughs – Wellington

Five Boroughs is one for the absolute burger purists: people who don’t like too many toppings and rather something that just fits perfectly in the mouth and tastes superb.

Every single element of the burger has been perfectly thought through. A gem of a dish that shows that when food is this good, less is often more.

The absolute burger in NZ

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