Norther Ireland burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland burgers are some of the best you’ll ever taste, thanks to the great farm-to-table produce, the talented chefs and enterprising local food entrepreneurs.

With so many people coming to visit this beautiful part of the world, we thought we’d help pick the best burgers so that you can just focus on the fun part: feasting.

Sure, it’s not the first thing that spring to mind when you think of Irish food, but the beef here is so juicy it’s a must.

From the huge packed burgers stuffed full of toppings to the simple cheeseburgers, there is something here for everybody. Ditch the diet and get stuck into one of these amazing Northern Ireland burgers

Best burgers in Northern IrelandHow do these rankings work?

1. Bunsen – Belfast

Bunsen started their burger joint biz south of the border, but have been embraced in Belfast by the masses. Their burgers are classic in style with a small menu to choose from, but when they are this perfect why complicate things?

Northern Ireland burgers

2. Beef and Bird – Lisburn

Beef and Bird focus on bringing traditional Tuscan cuisine to the area, and choose to extend that offering to a classic burger.

It’s all about the sourcing of the very best ingredients and keeping the burger very classic and traditional in style. The perfect size to grab in both hands and just get stuck into – no knife ‘n’ fork needed.

3. Tribal Burger – Belfast

You’ll find Tribal Burger in the thriving Queen’s Quarter, serving up some of the most natural and well sourced burgers in the city.

The burger itself might seem simple and ridiculously tasty but that isn’t luck. Hours and hours of work have gone into creating this little piece of perfection.

Tribal burger Belfast

4. Bootleggers – Belfast

Bootleggers is best known for their brilliant house cocktails and craft beer, but the burgers deserve to be shouted about.

Those drinks might draw you in, but as soon as you taste the burgers you know you’ll quickly be becoming a regular here. Big, juicy and packed full of flavour.

Norther Ireland burgers

5. Brickwork – Derry

Their food and cocktails are fun and innovative and of the very highest standard. Brickwork pull it all of without being stuffy and this is just a fun place to hang out with friends.

The burger has a little bit of everything and will leave you planning your next one the second you finish it.

6. Porkys Smokehouse And Grill – Bangor

Porkys is best known for the droolworthy smoked meats they serve up burgers (and other dishes) that are absolutely massive. To say you should come with an appetite would be an understatement.

The burger is a serious challenge but you will savour every delicious mouthful.

Norther Ireland burgers

7. Kitch – Belfast

Kitch serve lots of great comfort food from local farmers, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The best thing about the burger menu here is that if you go for the sliders, you get three lovely little portions with different flavours in each.


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