The 21 Best Norway Food

Norway Foodie Bucket List: 21 Dishes To Try Before You Die

Norway is an exciting country that’s starting to pack a serious punch in the international culinary world these days.

If you consider the quality of their chefs, the amazing  raw ingredients available and the stunning locations of Norway’s top restaurants, it’s no surprise to see dining reach such new heights here.

We wanted to celebrate some of the very best dishes from around the country. These are the 21 things in you simply cannot afford to miss out on eating in Norway.

1. Steak – Trancher Entrecôte

You’ll find this top-end steak house in Oslo. They put so much love and care into the sourcing of their beef, as well as cooking it to absolute perfection. It just melts in the mouth.

Steak Norway Food

2. Seafood Platter- Solsiden Restaurant

In a country where seafood plays such an important part in the culture and lives of so many, this is like a celebration of all that is good about food in Norway. Spectacular.

Seafood Platter In Norway

3. Coffee And Bites – Maaemo

Just when you think your three-star Michelin meal has reached its peak, along comes this selection of treats with your coffee. Sheer perfection.

Coffee And Bites Norway Food

4. Fårikål – Lorry

Norway’s famous cabbage and lamb stew makes its appearance during the autumn and this is easily the best place to eat it. Seriously wholesome, so you’ll need to come with an appetite.

Fårikål Norway Food

5. Ice Cream Sandwich – PARADIS Gelateria Tjuvholmen

With four locations, they serve up some seriously good ice cream. For an extra treat try one of their ice cream sandwiches, with buttery cookies on the outside and creamy gelato inside. Incredible.

Ice Cream Sandwich

6. Oysters – Vulkan Fisk

These are some of the freshest and most plump oysters you’ll find. No need to complicate them with a bunch of fancy sides – just order a plate and wash them down with a crisp glass of white.

Oysters Dish Norway

7. Haralds Vaffel

A wonderful story of a Swede who starting selling waffles from his window has now grown into a fully fledged business. The long lines tell you everything you need to know.

Haralds Vaffel

8. Caviar – Restaurant Fjord

Caviar is one for the super special occasions. It won’t be cheap, but you will be getting the best, served up simply perfect with all the right sides.

Caviar Dish Norway

9. Burgers – Kverneriet

They now have two locations in the city and their loyal fan base absolutely love their burgers. It’s not hard to see why. Kverneriet has some brilliant inventive toppings and sauces for people who want to liven things up a bit.
 Norway Burgers

10. Afternoon Tea – Hotel Continental

This is one place to take somebody to and spoil them with a magical five-star experience. Sit back and relax and even throw in a glass of champagne to make it even more special.

Afternoon Tea Norway Food

11. The Tasting Menu – Kontrast 

Kontrast’s tasting menu is the stuff of legend and as good a dining experience as you’ll ever have. This is their duck liver parfait rolled in a sweet and sour gel of meadowsweet with pickled walnuts and flowers from their rooftop garden.

The Tasting Menu Norway Food

12. Japanese Tasting Menu – Sabi Omakase 

A tiny Japanese restaurant that recently won a Michelin star. They only have one menu, so you get what you are given – which is some of the freshest and most inventive food going.

Japanese Tasting Menu Norway Food

13. Reindeer Sausages – Huset

A brilliant restaurant that puts a huge focus on sourcing the best ingredients and preparing them in innovative ways. The sausages are absolutely divine, and you can even follow them being made on Huset’s social media channels.

Reindeer Sausages Norway Food

14. Pizza – Villa Paradiso

You’ll struggle to find anybody who doesn’t love good pizza and this is some of the very best in Norway. Simple yet perfect.

Pizza Norway Food

15. White Chocolate With Ginger – Statholdergaarden

One of the grandest and most respected restaurants in the country, Statholdergaarden have been at the top of their game for years. While the whole menu is incredible, it is the desserts that shine the most.

White Chocolate With Ginger Norway Food

16. Scallops – Sjøbua

It’s well worth the trip up north to eat some of the freshest scallops you are ever likely to taste. Throw in some caviar and you have a match made in heaven.

Scallops Dish Norway

17. Langoustine – Galt 

This Michelin starred restaurant in Oslo offers a 6 course tasting menu. The Langoustine is a popular addition when available; cooking doesn’t really get much better than this.

Langoustine Dish

18. The Pastries – Bakeriet I lom

Not only one of the best bakeries in Norway, we’d have to say it’s maybe one of the best in the entire world. So many of their baked goods could have made this list, it’s hard to just pick one. Try as many as you can.

The Pastries

19. Chicken And Waffles – Lucky Bird

An American concept but the perfect brunch dish for the weekend. Cover the fluffy waffles with that sweet maple syrup and you will seriously enjoy this dish.

Chicken And Waffles

20. Healthy Bows – Tunco

Tunco now has several locations serving up super healthy food that is not only good for you but also tastes amazing. Create your own masterpieces to have it just how you like it.

Healthy Bows

21. Truffle Pasta – Baltazar 

We saved the richest and most luxurious dish to last. Any serious foodie will fall in love with this rockstar of a meal as soon as they taste it. Baltazar is a must-visit.

Truffle Pasta


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