7 Norwegian Dishes You Have To Try

The food scene in Norway is superb, combining great produce, superb chefs and some classic Norwegian dishes. You might not be able to travel there at the moment, but with these recipes you can recreate some great local food in the comfort of your own home.

The recipes come from some of the worlds best food bloggers. The best of the best. They have meticulously recreated the dishes with superb recipes that are ideal for first time cooks. Make sure to bookmark their blogs and to check out the other treats the cook up.

Time to sharpen your knives, pop the apron on and get into the kitchen to cook up some of these delicious Norwegian dishes.

The Best Norwegian Dishes

1. Rømmegrøt (Sour Cream Porridge)

Norway’s most traditional and beloved porridge is well worth a try. It’s smooth and silky finish is well accompanied with cinnamon, sugar and butter.

Recipe created by Therese.

2. Homemade Gravlax

Homemade gravlax is as easy as covering a sushi-grade piece of salmon with your favourite blend of kosher salt, sugar, and a few spices, then letting sit for up to 48 hours in a refrigerator.

Recipe created by Ari.

3. Farikal Traditional Norwegian Soup

Farikal is a traditional Norwegian lamb and cabbage soup. Made of simply lamb, cabbage, peppercorns and flour, this authentic soup is the national dish of Norway.

Recipe created by Tina And David.

4. Krumkake

A Norwegian waffle cookie that is pressed inside a decorative iron and then wrapped around a form while it is still hot creating a cone shape. Krumkake actually means “bent cake” in Norwegian.

Recipe created by Krisit.

5. Norwegian Almond Cake

Light in texture, has a subtle almond flavour, and thanks to the corrugated ridges in the pan, the cake slices are essentially pre-portioned.

Recipe created by Haley.

6. Gas Station Bratwurst

An “Americanised”  beloved Norwegian junk-food recipe using bratwurst and hoagie rolls! The combination of the hot brat right off the grill with the cold potato salad, sweet and tangy mustard along with the texture of the fried onions make this perfect snack food.

Recipe created by Hillary.

Norwegian Dishes

7. Julekake Bread

Better than a brioche and firmer and more substantial but not as rich. More a bread than a cake, unlike it’s cousin the panettone. You will immediately love this recipe.

Recipe created by Cuisine Fiend.

Norwegian Dishes

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