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The 7 Best Pizzas In Nottingham

The foodie scene in this city is second to none and the pizza in Nottingham is among the best in the country. So, like any sane food lover would, we set out to find the very best places to eat pizza in the city.

From classic Italian pizza to the thin and crispy American style right through to a simple slice on the go, there is something here for everybody.

So forget about the diet, grab a friend and get ready to work your way through the very best Nottingham pizza spots.

Best pizza in NottinghamHow do these rankings work?

1. Happy Dough Lucky

Happy Dough Lucky is proper Neapolitan pizza, the likes of which would fit right in on the streets of Naples. It takes authentic Italian cuisine in Nottingham to a whole new level. They cook with a great respect for tradition, and use only the freshest produce which is the key to their success.

2. Corner Stone Pizza

Pizzas here are a mix between two classics – New York meets Neapolitan.

That means their pizzas are made with Italian flour but then mixed into a New York-style dough. The end result? An absolute masterpiece with wonderful spongey crusts and a light and fluffy interior. Order a slice or go mad with a full pie to yourself.

3. Suede Bar

Suede Bar is a stylish bar and lounge that also serves up amazing pizza. It’s all about the love and effort they put into their toppings here. With such a wonderful base to start with they really layer the fresh ingredients on top to perfection.

4. Oscar & Rosie’s

What started off as a pop-up quickly grew into a popular permanent pizza joint. Oscar & Rosie’s make all their own sauces from scratch, source ingredients carefully and even freshly slice their cheeses to ensure they melt in just the right way. The result? A simply delicious pizza.

Gourmet toppings include wild mushrooms and old Winchester cheese.

5. MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza might be a chain, but it’s still kept the premium quality that’s been the main reason for its popularity. You make your own pizza here and can choose from over 30 toppings – the price stays the same no matter what you pick. We love a good dollop of hot buffalo sauce!

Nottingham pizza

6. Fox & Grapes

Fox & Grapes is a cosy local Nottingham pub that has craft beers and a simple-but-super food menu, that includes great pizza. The pizzas are stone baked, thin and crispy and made for sharing, which makes it the perfect place to visit with friends. Wash it down with a craft beer for the ideal feast.

Nottingham pizza

7. Pizza Storm

Pizza Storm’s hand stretched dough results in a light and airy base that’s loaded with creative toppings. Think: vegan hoisin duck, bacon double cheeseburger or the Bombay Bad Boy which is a little spicy and a lot tasty.

They also have some great side dishes. It’s the sort of place you’ll stay on for a couple of drinks with friends.

Nottingham pizza

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