Loaded Waffles With A Nutella Syringe

Daily Drool #6: Loaded Waffles With A Nutella Syringe

Love chocolate? Well, today is the perfect Daily Drool for you. The dish we’re drooling over today is loaded waffles which are stacked high and come served with Snickers bites. As for the final touch? A syringe packed with Nutella for you to squeeze all over the waffles.

How anybody could ever think this we’ll never know, but what we do know is this will have plenty of hungry mouths salivating at the very thoughts of it. So, what exactly makes this dish so good?

First, homemade waffles are dunked in a chocolate fountain before being covered in caramel sauces, chocolate sauce, nuts and chunks of Snickers bars.

The real piece de resistance though, is the Nutella syringe. It arrives served on the side. As if things weren’t chocolatey enough you can now squirt an extra load of Nutella into the dessert…


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To taste this insane treat in person you’ll have to travel Naples in Italy, where Jiam Bake are making a name for themselves with over-the-top flamboyant desserts.

People have been coming from all over the world as word spreads about their seriously Instgrammable desserts.

Waffles With A Nutella Syringe

They even do a pistacchio stuffed doughnut which oozes as you break into it. This looks every bit as good as the Nutella syringe…


Look – we will say that this is probably not somewhere you’d want to eat every single day. It is certainly a place for a one-off treat that you’ll be thinking about for weeks afterward.

Not a waffle fan? Some people opt for a a simple croissant with a Nutella syringe on the side… Breakfast idea anyone?!


We don’t know about you, but we’re off to Naples on the next flight to try this out!

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