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The 25 Best Pizzas In Oklahoma

Pizza is one of those great American dishes that people want more and more of, and Oklahoma pizza is most assuredly a cut above the rest. There are many restaurants in the Sooner State that deliver pizza goodies ranging from hot, tasty, delicious and mouth-watering, but did you know that many chef/owners have their own secret recipes?

Here’s a game for you to play: visit every one of these Oklahoma pizza joints and try to find out the ingredients. Go on – dare you!

Best Pizza In OklahomaHow do these rankings work?

1. Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza – Oklahoma City

Upper Crust is an uptown pizzeria and wine bar specialising in wood-fired, thin crust, New York-style pies. There’s a laid-back Napa Valley vibe and the pizza toppings include a mouthwatering balsamic glaze, truffle oil and fig preserves, alongside the usual suspects.

Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza

2. Andolini’s Pizzeria – Tulsa

Andolini’s Pizzeria is so famous that it’s on numerous lists of the best pizza in Oklahoma, if not the entire country or dare we say…the world. Compare a slice of Andolini’s pizza to any slice you’d find in Italy and there’s really no comparison. The pizza here is perfectly cheesy and topped with just the right amount of ingredients.

Pair that with the 25 delicious beers they’ve got on tap and this is one hot spot.

Best Pizza in Tulsa

3. Hideaway Pizza – Oklahoma City

There are eight Hideaway Pizza locations in the city, so you won’t be too far from one of their delicious pies. Their hand-tossed crusts are perfectly crispy yet chewy, and the toppings range from Canadian bacon to artichoke hearts.

If you’re indecisive, get the Hideaway Special: it’s a tasty feast of red sauce, mozzarella, and – drum roll please – a different topping on each slice!

Hideaway Pizza

4. Sandro’s Pizza & Pasta – Norman

This family business has been up and running since 1996, and judging by their masses of happy customers they are very good at what they do.

Their pizzas are a thin New York-style crust, which they top with their delicious homemade sauce. You’ll find plenty of pasta and meat dishes on the menu that might try and sway you, but to come here and not have a pizza would be a travesty.

5. Joe’s Famous Pizza – Purcell

Joe’s Famous Pizza is the perfect place to grab a pizza after work and take it home to the comfort of your own home. Locals can’t get enough of it, and we can see why.

Whether you pick up one of their hot, fresh and tasty cooked pizzas, or a take and bake pie, you’ll love the flavour of these tasty pies. `Big enough to feed the family and leave everybody feeling totally fulfilled.

6. The Wedge Pizzeria – Oklahoma City

The Wedge Pizzeria is a cute, small neighbourhood pizzeria with a lovely back patio for outdoor dining. Pizzas are delicious – wood-fired with a perfectly charred crust that’s light as air.

The toppings here a real highlight, often featuring ingredients from The Wedge gardens and local farmers.

The Wedge Pizzeria in Oklahoma City

7. Pizzeria Gusto – Oklahoma City

Pizzeria Gusto was Oklahoma City’s first Neapolitan pizza restaurant, with a special hand-built oven from Naples. Our top pick? The Mushroom-Roasted Garlic: a mix of mushrooms, spinach, fontina, provolone, roasted garlic and truffle oil.

Just like a perfect Neapolitan pie, there’s small charred bubbles around the outside of the crust and a soft, doughy centre.

Pizzeria Gusto in Oklahoma city

8. Moni’s Pizza & Pasta – Edmond

Moni’s prides themselves on their handmade dough and fresh ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible. The huge effort they put into sourcing the produce really shows in the end result.

Pizza toppings range from artisan pepperoni, ricotta, fresh basil or pine nuts to a pie stuffed with Canadian bacon and all sorts of tasty veggies.

9. Umberto’s New York Style Pizzeria – Tulsa

New York-style pizza in the heart of Oklahoma? Yep, that’s exactly what you can find at Umberto’s. Head here hungry as you’re going to want to start off with some tasty garlic knots before you settle in for a delicious meal of their pizza by the slice. This means that you can sample a variety of different flavours using their red or alfredo sauce as a base.

10. Mountain Fork Brewery – Broken Bow

While they are best known for their world class beer, it is the pairing with the food that really takes things at Mountain Fork Brewery to a whole new level.

They make their dough every single day on the premises to ensure a perfect crust and have some wonderfully original toppings. The staff will be only too happy to help you match your food with a nice beer.

11. Empire Slice House – Oklahoma City

As the name suggests, the pizza here is New York-style; you can get it by the slice or a whole pie, and it’s dee-licious. It’s a hip spot that’s open lunch ’til late, so you can get your pizza fix any time of the day.

There’s daily specials, such as the El Lino with mozzarella, cheddar, Al Pastor (thinly sliced pork), pickled red onion, cilantro and a Guajillo drizzle.

Empire Slice House Pizza

12. East Village Bohemian Pizzeria – Tulsa

If trendy is what you’re after then you really can’t beat the unique, eclectic decor at East Village Bohemian Pizzeria. It’s also one of the only spots in Tulsa where you can order and enjoy authentic, old-world Neapolitan pizza straight from a wood-fired oven.

What makes the pizza here so special is the fact that they use a mix of imported Italian ingredients and locally-sourced produce. The result? Irresistible pizza.

13. Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room – Broken Bow

Both of their locations (there’s another in Arizona) offer live music, fabulous drinks and of course, pizza! The toppings are always super exciting; when you add in great beer and outdoor sitting for the warmer months you will fall in love with this spot instantly.

Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room is the sort of place where you’ll have one bite, a quick sip and be a firm fan for life.

14. The Heat Pizza – Oklahoma City

The Heat, formerly known as Humble Pie, specialises in Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Located off Broadway in Edmond, it’s one of the best Oklahoma City pizza joints.

The buttery, flaky, deep dish crust is filled with a tangy sauce, smothered in cheese and loaded with toppings. The Samoan is a great shout – it comes with a generous portion of applewood smoked bacon, Canadian bacon, and sweet pineapple.

The Heat Pizza in Oklahoma City

15. Volare – Norman

You’ll have the best of all worlds with Neapolitan style pizza, craft cocktails and a rooftop bar. What more could you possibly want from life?

The pie itself is super authentic and as good as anything you’d eat in Italy itself. The toppings are classic, so you don’t need to over complicate things because everything is just done to perfection.

16. Heavenly Dough Pizzeria – Oologah

Heavenly Dough Pizzeria places a huge emphasis on sourcing the very best local ingredients and then putting a classic Italian spin on them.

The promise here is that you’ll get pizza that’s the real deal – honest, unapologetic and real. Oh, and did we mention seriously tasty? Watch everyone’s face at the table light up when they take that first mouthful of pie.

Image may contain: food

17. Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen – Tulsa

Ooey gooey and overflowing with flavour, the wood-fired pizzas at Napa Flats are so delicious that you’re going to want to make sure you order an extra to take home. Expect nothing less than full Italian flavour and some added Californian flare. Traditional-style pizzas pair perfectly with the wine and gelato they serve to hungry guests.

And, come on, what’s tastier than the delicious Italian trifecta of pizza, wine, and gelato?

18. Stella Modern Italian Cuisine – Oklahoma City

The wood-fired brick oven is the centrepiece of Stella, with the unique and gourmet toppings just one thing that makes it so special. They do Roman-style pizza here, which is rectangular and has a cracker-thin crust.

Toppings include grilled shrimp, peach and gorgonzola, spicy honey or juicy strips of beef tenderloin.

Oklahoma city pizza

19. San Remos Pizzeria – Ada

Just as many people get their pizzas to go from San Remos as they do to sit in, and you can tell by the roaring trade of regulars that people love what they are getting.

The pizza here has a slightly thicker crust that comes with some delicious combinations, or you can make one of your own creations. Phone ahead and ask for it to be made in advance and you can pick it up on the way home. Absolutely ideal..

20. Elgin Park – Tulsa

Elgin Park focus on three of the most important things in life: pizza, good food and sports. The fact that they have combined all three into one setting means this is a place you simply cannot afford to miss.

Their unique dough is allowed to ferment for longer than most, and gets a whole night of cold proofing before coming back up to room temperature. It is then stretched gently into its signature oblong shape and put into a coal-fired oven.

21. Eagle One Pizza – Midwest City

The are best known for their family-style dining where they have a huge menu, but the pizza and the pasta are what really stand out most.

Large portions, affordable prices and food that will have you licking your lips every ingle time you eat here. Go for a hearty stuffed crust, or keep things simple with classic toppings such as Canadian bacon or pepperoni.

22. Pie Hole Pizzeria – Tulsa

There’s something undeniably trendy about Pie Hole Pizzeria. Whether it’s the red brick exterior or the garage-like interior, it’s hard to say. But, one thing’s for sure…the pizza here is some of the best in Tulsa. You’ll find slices for just $2.50 apiece and inventive flavours such as Pesto Pie and Pollo Blanco.

Go ahead and order by the slice as it’s the best way to try all of the mouthwatering flavours they’ve got.

23. Easy E Slice Shop – Oklahoma City

This is one of the coolest places to spend time in the city where you can get NY-Style slices and whole pies. They also have a full bar with some great beers to match up with those tasty slices.

Everything about the place is laid back, has a great vibe and will make you want to come back instantly.

24. Savastano’s Pizzeria – Tulsa

No list of the best pizza in Oklahoma would be complete without mentioning Savastano’s Pizzeria. The legendary Chicago-style pies here are truly some of the best in the world. They take a perfectly golden crust and mould it into a deep dish.

Then they smother it all with savoury red sauce, fresh ingredients, and the cheesiest of cheese. If your mouth is watering just looking at the photo, then wait until you actually taste it.

25. Bricktown Brewery – Edmond

Bricktown Brewery is a small local OK chain with a handful of venues that focuses on really good and wholesome bar food, with delicious pizza at the heart of the offering, Along with a huge beer menu you are going to be seriously spoilt for choice when you come here.

Perfect charred bases make these pizzas you will not forget in a hurry!

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