The 7 Best Omaha Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Omaha

Omaha is one of those great American cities that creeps up on you and takes you by surprise in the most wonderful way. The coffee scene here is a classic example of that, with a brilliant third wave of coffee sweeping across the city in recent years.

From small single-person barista stores to larger roasting companies who sell online, this is a city that has it all.

So grab a book or your laptop and start touring these great Omaha coffee stores (or check out the 50 best coffee stores in America if traveling the country).

Best coffee in OmahaHow do these rankings work?

1. Muglife Coffee

They focus on small-batch roasted single origin and direct trade coffees from around the world. Their brewed coffees are all done so by hand, the espresso is weighed and measured at every step, and the nitro cold brews are always flowing.

What makes them such a huge hit though is the combination with their sweet treats. Always changing, but keep an eye out for their delicious doughnuts.

Omaha Coffee

2. Hardy Coffee Co.

Hardy Coffee Co. has three neighbourhood shops which are all part of the fabric of the community and have super loyal fans.

They are small batch coffee roaster and bakery and also sell their coffees wholesale to other cafes across the state. Run by a husband and wife team, the staff are the real stars of of the show – always providing world class service as well as advice on drinks.

Hardy Coffee Co in Omaha

3. Amateur Coffee

They couldn’t be anything less like their name when it comes to making coffee. Amateur Coffee are a speciality coffee shop¬† and “vegan parlor” in the Joslyn Castle neighbourhood of Omaha.

Their coffee might be what draws you in at first (you can also order it ground to go or online) but it is their delicious sweet vegan treats that will have you dreaming about the place as you go to sleep at night.

Amateur Coffee in Omaha

4. Archetype Coffee

Archetype Coffee has two of the slickest designed stores in the city that you will ever enter, with exposed brick meeting a modern sleek feel. Their brews hit the spot every time and you can tell that the baristas are mad about coffee.

They also offer a subscription service where you can discover a new coffee every month shipped directly to your doorstep either bi-weekly or monthly.

Archetype Coffee in Omaha

5. Zen Coffee Company

Zen takes great care in sourcing their beans both from an ethical standpoint and flavour, so every cup or cold brew tastes just as good as the last one.

The name Zen is also aligned to what they want their coffee stores to be like: a place where you can unwind and just enjoy the moment. You won’t want to leave this place.

Zen Coffee Company in Omaha

6. Roast Coffeehouse

They’ve been roasting since way back in 2005, which in their own words means “way before it was even cool to roast”. It’s safe to say they’re experts at it now.

They roast their beans daily in Omaha to ensure only the highest quality reaches their stores. With a huge focus on customer loyalty and keeping people happy at all times, it isn’t hard to see why they have been the success that they have for so long.

Roast Coffeehouse

7. Howlin’ Hounds Coffee

Howlin’ Hounds is a small cosy coffee shop where they actually encourage you to bring your laptop (or a book), so it’s the sort of place you will more than likely be staying for a second cup.

Some delicious sweet treats, one of the best lattes in town and a super personable owner all contribute to this being one of the most loved Omaha coffee stores. An . absolute gem.

Howlin' Hounds Coffee

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