The 7 Best Oslo Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Oslo

From three-star Michelin and Nordic cuisine phenomenon Maaemo to street food on the corner, Oslo offers a vast range of vibrant restaurants, cafés, and bars.

Food in Oslo is as fresh as it gets. Here, you can enjoy fish and other seafood directly at the harbour, or choose eateries where chefs grow ingredients on-site. But what if you just want a big dirty burger?

We hear you loud and clear. Fellow burger buddies, we’ve got you covered with the 7 best burgers in Oslo…

Best Oslo Burgers

1. Bun’s Burger Bar

Set up by four friends in 2014 who wanted to bring great burgers to Oslo – they’re certainly delivering on that promise. You also get a great view of the city from here, as you try to get your mouth around their huge burgers.

Oslo Burgers

2. GoGrilla Foodtruck

Nothing tastes better than a burger served from a street truck, eaten in the palm of your hand. These guys have nailed the simple burger and if you try their sweet potato fries you are in for a serious treat.

GoGrilla Foodtruck Hamburgers in Oslo

3. Munchies

A place to stop in after a night having some beers or out partying with friends. The menu features lots of combos, they serve beer and the service is fast and friendly. There’s two handy locations in the city.

Munchies Hamburgers

4. Kverneriet

They now have two locations in the city and their loyal fan base absolutely love their burgers. It’s not hard to see why. Kverneriet has some brilliant inventive toppings and sauces for people who want to liven things up a bit.

Kverneriet in Oslo

5. Troys Burger

A tiny restaurant in the centre of Oslo that packs a big punch when it comes to the flavour of their burgers. Their truffle infused burger is one that gets people talking, and it won’t let you down.

Troys Burger

6. Illegal Burger

Illegal Burger is a small space serving burgers that are absolutely huge. Also a good choice for those looking for a gluten free option, as they have gluten free buns.

Illegal Burger in Oslo

7. Burger Joint

A very American-focused concept “where rock’n’roll meets the world of high quality burgers”. Their options are stacked so high with toppings and thick, juicy patties, that you’ll struggle to get it in your mouth in one go – but that’s half the challenge.

Burger Joint

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