The 7 Best Oslo Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Oslo

With lots of wonderful things to see and do, as well as stunning waterside scenery, it makes sense that Oslo is one of the great European cities. Oslo pizza also happens to be up there with of the very best in the world so we set out to find the seven best.

After a long day of sightseeing (or as the perfect way to start a night out) these pizzas will leave you feeling seriously satisfied.

So grab a couple of friends, forget about the diet for one day and get stuck into the seven best Oslo pizza spots…

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1. Villa Paradiso Grünerløkka

Villa Paradiso has five tasty locations in Norway, serving up some of the most traditional Italian style food in the country.

Their Neapolitan-style pizzas are the absolute real deal with imported ingredients keeping things super authentic. No pizza will ever taste as good again after tasting one of these.

Villa Paradiso Grünerløkka

2. Mamma Pizza

The key to the incredible pizza dough at Mamma Pizza is that it is made fresh daily and rises for 36 hours. This gives is a wonderful springy and spongey texture.

Their toppings are classic in style, with meats and tomatoes imported from Italy.

Mamma Pizza in Oslo

3. Den Gode

Den Gode is a simply brilliant place to come and chill with friends and drink good beer, play a variety of games and eat really good pizza.

The pizzas are thing, crispy and made for sharing. Watch out for their quiz nights on Tuesday and some seriously tasty cocktails on then menu.

Den Gode Pizzeria

4. Caminito

Caminito is a cosy corner neighbourhood spot that is the perfect place to come and relax (and yeah, have a carb-fest) without all the formality of a serious restaurant.

They do seriously good sandwiches and coffees but you are here for one thing only and that’s the pizza. Great people watching if you get a window seat.

Oslo pizza

5. Arte Pazza Filetto Ristorante

Arte Pazza Filetto Ristorante is the real deal. They serve up a classic menu of pasta, fish and meat dishes all cooked in very traditional Italian style.

It’s the pizzas that sets this place apart from the rest though. Thin bases, wonderfully crispy and layered with some of the freshest and most imaginative toppings you could ever wish for.

Arte Pazza Filetto Ristorante Pizzeria

6. Lofthus Samvirkelag LL

You’ll struggle to find a nicer tasting or cleaner pizza in Norway or indeed in the rest of Europe. Their pizzas are so pretty and beautifully presented they could be works of art.

The simple toppings with wonderfully rich tomato sauce and expertly sourced ingredients make this Oslo pizza a winner every single time.

Lofthus Samvirkelag LLin Oslo

7. Cin Cin Café

Cin Cin is an absolutely buzzing restaurant where the cocktails, wine and beer are always flowing alongside their great pizzas.

Throw in regular live music and super friendly staff and there are fewer better places in the city to start a night out in. Keep the toppings simple and just dig into those perfectly doughy thin crusts.

Cin Cin Café Pizzas

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