Our Team

The Big 7 Travel team is based across the world, from London to Ho Chi Minh. With a keen passion for exploring new places, we have one finger on the pulse for all the latest travel trends. Get to know our core team below.

Meet The Team

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Sarah Clayton-Lea

Co-Founder & Head of Content

Favourite destination: Hoi An, Vietnam

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Martin Mansell

Group CEO

Favourite destinations: Hong Kong & Côte d'Azur, France

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Dan Crook

Creative Director

Favourite destination: Hull, England

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Siobhán McKenny

Global Brand Director

Favourite destination: Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia



Digital Marketing Ninja

Favourite destination: Berlin, Germany

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Allie D'Almo

Staff Writer

Favourite destination: Bologna, Italy

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Melanie May

Staff Writer

Favourite destination: Japan

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Shivani Suresh

Staff Writer

Favourite destination: Bhutan


Becca Thomas

Staff Writer

Favourite destination: Krakow, Poland


Alyena Yilmaz

Staff Writer

Favourite destination: The Philippines