The 7 Best Perth Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Perth

The food scene in Perth is vibrant, exciting and influenced by cultures from all over the world. Throw in the consistently good weather and local wine, and you have a city that absolutely thrives on good food.

Perth burgers though, really stand out and set the bar super high. Just look at these seven best burger places and tell us that you aren’t licking your lips…

The Best Perth Burgers

1. Gary’s Diner

They only do one type of burger here, buy Oh Boy do they do it well. You can choose between a single or a double and they come cooked to perfection. The curly fries on the side are also a delight.

These food trucks trucks pop up all over the place so check their social for latest updates.

Gary's Diner burger in Perth

2. Petition Beer Corner

At first glance, this looks too big to eat but when you whip out the onion rings it’s an absolute beast of a burger that you’ll easily stuff in. Wash it down with their awesome selection of craft beers and you have the stuff that dreams are made of.


Perth Burgers

3. Rockpool Bar and Grill

This is a seriously fine dining establishment, so when they turn their hand to a burger you know it’s going to be incredibly good. Wagyu beef and perfectly home-baked buns.

Perth Burgers

4. RoyAl’s Chicken and Burgers

There’s several locations around the city, and they’re all the perfect spot to come if you’re in a group and you want to mix things up a bit with the food. Burger and a few wings in one sitting isn’t too much, is it?

RoyAl's Chicken and Burgers in Perth

5. Hoodburger

Go big or go home at Hoodburger – these guys do seriously meaty beauties that will leave you stuffed for a week after. But hey, when they taste this good, who cares? Try a peanut butter and jelly cheeseburger or a triple burger with cheese and keep an eye out for their Test Kitchen Tuesdays, where they feature a creative new burger.

Hoodburger in Perth

6. Meet & Bun

You never leave here an unhappy person. They always deliver top end burgers using the freshest of ingredients, without the crazy price tags some places charge. Food doesn’t get much better than this.

Meet & Bun Hamburgers in Perth

7. Short Order Burger Co.

The double patties here are so big you’ll struggle to get it all into your mouth in one go. Once you do though, it’s a juicy bite of proper burger perfection.

Short Order Burger in Perth

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