Pizza In Alabama

The 25 Best Places For Pizza In Alabama

Pizza in Alabama is right up there with the very best in the United States, so we wanted to find the 25 best pies the state has to offer.

From simple slices you can grab on the go to pies that are loaded with toppings and everything in between. From classic Italian to New York-style, whatever type of pizza it is that you love you are going to find it here. These are pies so good you’d drive across the state to get your hands on them.

So grab a buddy and get ready to get stuck into one of the very best places for pizza In Alabama…

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1. Post Office Pies – Birmingham

A funky pizzeria set in a former post office, this is where you’ll get the best wood-fire-blistered pies in all of Alabama. Order at the counter, grab a cocktail and get ready to dig into some of the best pizza in America.

Order The Swine: Tomato Sauce, Pecorino Romano, House-Made Sausage, Slab Bacon, Molanari & Sons Pepperoni, Aged Mozzarella, Basil.

Pizza In Alabama

2. Joes Pizza – Woodville

It’s hard to put your finger on just what makes the pies here so absolutely irresistible, but it’s clear that they’ve perfected their recipe. It must be all the ooey gooey cheese, fresh toppings, and lots of love. Joe’s Pizza is a simple (but hugely popular!) place for a pie in Alabama.

3. Big Ed’s Pizza – Huntsville

Big Ed’s has been serving tasty pies to Huntsville locals since 1961, and still use the original seasoned gas ovens from the 60’s. They make all of their sauce and dough from scratch and hand toss all of their pizzas and calzones. We. It may take a little longer to prepare, but good things come to those who wait.

4. Lake Martin Pizza Co. – Dadeville

This handmade New York inspired pizza joint is the real deal. The pies are proper New York perfection with the gooey cheese that tears from the pizza and their chewy crust to finish off that great slice of pizza. Huge portions and the perfect balance of toppings to cheese and crust make their slices absolutely irresistible.

5. Davenport’s Pizza Palace – Birmingham

This family-owned pizzeria is old school at its very best. The dough and sauce are made from scratch in their own kitchen for a fresh, one-of-a-kind taste. The key here is that the standard never dips; every single pizza is as wonderfully glorious as the last.

Pizza In Alabama

6. Midtown Pizza Kitchen – Montgomery

Pies at Midtown Pizza Kitchen are loaded with tasty toppings, the base is crunchy and the staff are friendly. The result of their passion for pizza shines through in the flavourful nature of every single pie they offer. All the elements of a long-lasting pizzeria.

7. Donatos Pizza – Madison

Donatos Pizza is home of the famous thin crispy crust, founded in 1963 and mega popular. It’s a reliable pizza place that will satisfy you again and again with their tasty crispy pies. Toppings are hearty, the cheese is oozing, and the vibes are good.

A true classic that will stand the test of time.

8. Mater’s Pizza & Pasta Emporium – Gadsden

Dig into a piping hot, deep dish pie loaded with yummy toppings, such as pepperoni, Canadian bacon, mushrooms and onion. Classic toppings and a generous portion of cheese makes this one of the best in the biz. These are the kind of pizzas you want to eat every single weekend…

9. Trattoria Pizza & Italian – Spanish Fort

It’s all about the dough and cheese here – a secret cheese combination is hand-grated everyday for perfect flavor and that all important stretch.  Smell the fresh dough wafting towards your table and go for a classic pepperoni pie. The pizzas are big, topped with generous portions and are the perfect cheat meal.

10. Jet’s Pizza – Hoover

11. Bettola – Birmingham

Bettola is a brick oven pizzeria in Birmingham serving up wood-fired artisanal pizzas. These beauties are proper Neapolitan in style, with a thin base with a puffed-up pillowy edge, blistered from the intense heat of the wood-fired oven. The centre remains a little soft.

Pizza In Alabama

12. Pizzeria Delphina – Mobile

The pies here will have locals and tourists alike drooling before they even get seated. Every pizza here is prepared with 100% fresh ingredients and then baked in a traditional brick-lined deck oven. The result is a perfect pie that’s always tasty and never frozen.

13. Vitolli’s Pizzeria – Robertsdale

There’s just eight tables at this local Italian pizzeria, so come early to nab table or get a pie to takeaway. The cheese is hot and gooey and any toppings you order still feel crispy and fresh. Simply put, it’s one of the best pizzas in Alabama.

14. Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza – Huntsville

At Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza,  you can enjoy great wood-fired pizza. The feast here is always flavourful as they use all fresh ingredients and make everything in-house. Literally, everything. It’s that fine, fresh flavour that makes the pizza here so good.

15. Tortugas – Birmingham

This great deep dish pizza is the place to come for a serious feast. They top it with mounds of mozzarella cheese, fresh toppings, and their tangy tomato sauce.

Their pies are slowly baked in seasoned cast iron pans until the crust is golden and flaky and they are served right out of the pan at the table.

Pizza In Alabama

16. Mata’s Greek Pizza – Anniston

Mata’s Greek Pizza serves up delicious Greek and Italian dishes created from old family recipes. This includes their must-try signature pie, with white cheddar cheese that features their unique blend of feta, cottage cheese, spices, and spinach. There are lot of other great items on the menu, but it is hard to look past the pizza.

17. Bibb Street Pizza Company – Montgomery

The pizza here is perfectly classic yet unique. They offer a thin-style traditional pizza cooked at high temperatures to ensure a bubbly crust. Rich tomato sauce, doughy crusts and creamy mozzarella combine for a pizza you’ll be dreaming about long after the last slice.

18. Pies and Pints – Birmingham

Pies and Pints does delicious pizza by the slice and by the pie. All of their specialty pies begin with a blend of provolone & mozzarella on their house-made, hand-tossed dough. Try the Grape and Gorgonzola! As for the pints? Their friendly staff are ready to answer your questions about what beer pairs best from their great range of craft brews.

Pizza In Alabama

19. 101 Pizzeria – Rogersville

101 Pizzeria has all the essential ingredients for a beloved local pizzeria. It’s nothing fancy, just fresh dough and heaps of oozing cheese.  Try one of their specialty pies, such as Chicken Alfredo or Philly Steak. You’ll be a fan for life after just one bite…

20. Carpenetti’s Pizza – Moody

This is a classic American-style pizza joint, where you’ll get an absolutely incredible cheesy pizza feast.

Gourmet Italian it ain’t, but that’s what we love. Sometimes only a big loaded pie will do the trick, and there’s no better spot than Carpenetti’s.

21. Blaze Pizza – Birmingham

Blaze Pizza fires out their delicious pies in just 180 seconds in their mega hot pizza oven. This is exactly how you expect some of the best pizza in Birmingham Alabama to taste: perfect.

Go wild with their extensive custom options – choose from normal crust, high-rise, cauliflower or keto, with sauces such as white cream sauce and a garlic pesto making things interesting.

Pizza In Alabama

22. Slice Pizza & Brew – Birmingham

Everything on the menu at Slice Pizza & Brew is about as local as you can get, from the ingredients that go into every pizza to the beer on tap. Unique toppings include turnip greens, black eyed peas, Conecuh sausage, grilled red onions, bacon, pepper jack & cheddar cheese. World-class pizza.

23. Vecchia Pizzeria & Mercato – Hoover

Vecchia Pizzeria is all about quality, making their dough fresh every morning before whipping up some sauce from scratch using imported San Marzano tomatoes. Flavourful doesn’t even begin to describe the pizza here – just as authentic as any in Naples, Italy.

24. Mellow Mushroom – Oxford

Mellow Mushroom has locations all across the country, and you can be sure you’ll always find delicious pies on the menu. Their signature dough is stone baked for the perfect crunch, and then topped with all sorts of tasty ingredients.

For a real treat, order the Holy Shitake Pie, which is a mushroom pizza with a garlic aioli swirl and a spritz of black truffle oil.

25. Your Pie – Birmingham

At Your Pie, you control your pizza destiny, so go ahead—customise your perfect, 10-inch pie. They’ll cook it to order in their signature brick oven in less than four minutes! Pizza can be made vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free. These pies always hit the spot.

Pizza In Alabama

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