The 50 best places for pizza in Asia

The 50 Best Pizzas In Asia

Pizza in Asia is not the first thing that you might think of eating when you arrive here, but the pizza scene across the continent is absolutely lit of late.

Some of the best foodie entrepreneurs and chefs are introducing a new wave of pizza across the region that is second to none. From classic Italian Neapolitan-style pizza through to New York slices and everything in between. There is something here for everybody.

We wanted to celebrate the best of the best so we found the 50 best pizzas in Asia. With 4.4 billion people living in this part of the world pizza could be set to become the next big trend. These are the places to watch out for…

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50th. Pizza Place – Jakarta, Indonesia

This small shop serves up pies that are so big you’ll need to bring a large group of friends with you. Order by the slice to mix and match things up a little, or try a whole one on your own.

Packed full of flavour and always served with a friendly smile.

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Pizza place

49th. Plank Sourdough Pizza – Singapore

Plank Sourdough Pizza is the first pizzeria in Singapore specialising in sourdough crust pizza. What does that mean? Well, sourdough pizza has a light, crisp base with a soft, pillowy and slightly crisp crust, made by hand stretching.

The toppings here are just as light and absolutely beautiful.

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Pizza in Asia

48th. Great Leap Brewing – Bejing, China

Great Leap Brewing is the jack of all trades place here in Beijing. They make out-of-this-world beers and great burgers and pizzas. The pizzas here are New-York style, which you can order as a whole pie or by the slice.

Order The Little Nunzio pizza, spicy chili flakes sprinkled onto a pizza topped with sausage. Wash it down with a few brews too.

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China pizza

47th. Don Alfonso 1890 – Macao

Their pizzas are super classic in style with their dough made in house and proved for 24 hours before being cooked in less than two minutes.

Their crusts are big and spongey and wonderfully chewy. Along with their fresh toppings, this is as tasty as a pizza gets.

Best pizza macau

46th. WOP (Wood-fired Oven Pizza) – Selangor – Malaysia

WOP have a wonderful spicy shrimp pizza or a smoked beef and rocket option, which are both absolutely delicious although their classic offerings are also absolutely superb. Lovely big, springy crusts.

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45th. Fire And Ice Pizza – Kathmandu, Nepal

The restaurant has been serving classic Italian food since 1995 and that tells you everything you need to know about their quality.

The bases are thing and crispy and come with a large selection of delicious toppings. There are lot of other great items on the menu, but it is hard to look past the pizza.

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44th. Gusto Pizza – Taipei, Taiwan

Their pizzas take pride of place on the menu alongside some great desserts. In short, this is the sort of place to come and really treat yourself.

The dough is made very traditionally and proved for 24 hours before being cooked at super high temperatures in under two minutes. World-class pizza.

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43rd. Peppina – Bangkok, Thailand

Their pizzas are super authentic and stick to the principles of Neapolitan cooking so tightly that you could easily be sitting in Naples when eating here.

It’s all about the dough, which they prove for over a day in advance, resulting in that perfect springy and spongey crust. Absolute world-class perfection.

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Bankok pizza Asia

42nd. Spacca Napoli – Seoul, South Korea

Huge puffy crusts that are very much in the new Neapolitan-style of making pizza. They load the centre up with toppings to create a pizza that is absolutely bursting with flavour through every single mouthful.

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41st. Zoca Pizzeria – Taipei City, Taiwan

A wonderful Italian restaurant that has a great selection of traditional dishes, but take our advice and focus in on the pizza.

The bases are nice and crisp and come with classic toppings. Along with great service this is not a place you are going to want to miss.

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40th. By Hand Pizza Cafe – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The key here the combination of seriously good dough, a rich tomato sauce and some seriously high quality imported cheese.

With pizza this good you really don’t need to overcomplicate the toppings. Keep it simple and enjoy every single bite.

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Chiang Mai pizza

39th. Pizzeria Matteo – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

They are known as the best place to eat great Italian food in the city and that includes pasta and meat dishes that are to die for. The key though, is to go for the pizza.

Thin, crispy and absolutely bursting with flavour this is one meal that you are seriously going to enjoy.

38th. Partenope Hiroo – Tokyo, Japan

Certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, this old school pizzeria keeps things simple when it comes to their pizzas. They stick to the authentic Napoli traditions and the result is incredible pizza.

Choose a foolproof Margherita or try one of the seasonal specialities.

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37th. Pizza Fabbrica – Singapore

Fabbrica takes authentic Italian cuisine to a whole new level. They cook with a great respect for tradition, and use only the freshest produce which is the key to their success. The star is the copper wood-fired oven, which turns out the tastiest pizzas you can ever imagine.

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Pizza in Asia

36th. Verra Pizza – Saudi Arabia

They make their pizzas thin and crispy and cook it in a wood-fired oven for a perfect crispy crust. What more could you possibly want from a pizza?

This family restaurant is the perfect place to come and enjoy some of the best Saudi Arabia pizza you could ever imagine tasting. A real treat.

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35th. Patty & Pie – Petaling Jaya, Selangor – Malaysia

Anywhere that has a focus on both burgers and pizzas is going to get top marks from us, as it’s hard to find two better foods on this planet. Perfect crusts, wonderfully original toppings and just a fun restaurant to hang out in.

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Best pizza in Asia

34th. Paulie’s Brick Oven Pizzeria – Seoul, South Korea

They cook up a more American-style pizza which is served by the pan on the table and which is perfect for sharing.

You could just imagine yourself in New York as you peel away the gorgeous and utterly gooey slices that are loaded with delicious toppings.

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33rd. EVOO Eatery And Pizzeria – Delhi, India

In this country which has so much amazing food it is hard to stand out with a pizza, but that is what they do here.

Very traditional in style with superb quality ingredients. This is a pizza that you are not going to forget in a hurry.

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Delhi Asian Pizza

32nd. Gung Ho! – Beijing, China

Their pizza is served on the thin and crispy side and absolutely piled high with toppings. It makes it perfect to fold each slice in half and enjoy the sheer delight of the explosion of flavours in your mouth.

31st. PizzaFace – Singapore

One of Singapore’s top pizza joints, this badly-kept secret proves that pizza this delicious needs to be shared. PizzaFace is a funky restaurant that has great pizzas, with chewy crusts and a rich tomato sauce.

Wash it all down with their great selection of beers.

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30th. Luigi’s Hot Pizza – Bali, Indonesia

If you are lucky enough to be in the paradise that is Bali and want a night out, this is the place to start.

Long pizzas are served up for groups with cold drinks with the whole experience based around sharing. The pizzas come loaded with different toppings so that there is something for everybody.

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Bali best pizza

29th. Pizza 4P’s- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Now with seven locations around the city the good news is you’re never going to be far away from their pizzas. Pizza 4P’s is one of the top restaurants in Vietnam.

They make their cheese in-house, which shows the remarkable extents they are willing to go for quality. Their pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven and delivered to the table piping hot and looking divine.

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28th. Margherita Pizzeria – Kuwait City, Kuwait

Classic in name and classic in style. Margherita Pizza have restaurants across the Middle East (Saudi, Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt) where they aim to bring really top quality pizza to a whole new audience.

Their restaurants are friendly and have really great service. The second you walk in you’ll smell that wonderful scent of baking dough and molten cheese.

27th. CAPO – Hong Kong

In a city with so many foodie options it can be hard to know where to look first but you will be blown away by the pizzas in Capo. They’re the real carby, cheesy deal.

The key is the crispy base combined with their super fresh toppings. A match made in heaven.

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26th. Cura Pizza – Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is just about as far away on a map as you can get from Italy but when sitting here eating a pizza you might as well be in Naples.

They keep things super classical and you really don’t need to overdo the toppings because the pizzas themselves are absolutely world class.

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Taiwan Asian pizza

25th. Da Paolo Westlake – Hanoi, Vietnam

There’s lots of great Italian meat and pasta dishes in this very traditional restaurant but the real trick is to make sure you order the pizza.

A thinner base than most Italian pizzas, which is then loaded with classic toppings that will have your mouth watering as soon as you taste them. Divine.

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24th. Limoncello – Singapore

Limoncello is as close to the Amalfi Coast as you can get in Singapore. You’ll feast on home-made pasta, Neapolitan wood-fired pizza and charcoal grilled meat and seafood, but it’s the pizza that steals the show.

They use fresh Italian toppings and you can even get a wholemeal base.

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Best pizza Singapore Asia

23rd. La Pizza Napoletana Regalo – Osaka, Japan

They have perfect the Italian methods of making pizza and brought them to this wonderfully buzzing city.

It’s all about the love and effort they put into their toppings here. With such a wonderful base to start with they really layer the fresh ingredients on top to perfection.

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Pizza in Asia

22nd. Brik Oven – Bangalore, India

They serve a light and crunchy crust that’s thin in the centre and thick and charred around the edges, baked in a rustic wood fired oven at 400 C using a traditional recipe from Naples.

Its wholesome flavour comes from a combination of carefully selected toppings on a sauce made with organic San Marzano tomatoes. You’ll struggle to taste a better pizza anywhere in India.

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Asia Best Pizza

21st. Pizza Art – Singapore

Pizza Art is passionate about pizzas – they only use fresh ingredients that are specially imported from Italy. Chef-owner Donato Mazzola comes from Rome, so he makes sure that each pizza is just as good as you will find there.

Can’t choose what toppings to get? The beef tenderloin pie with porcini mushrooms and truffle sauce is indulgent but delicious.

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20th. Belmio Pizza – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Belmio Pizza is an Italian pizzeria, cooking up authentic thin crust pizzas in Colombo that taste as good as they look. There’s a huge 26 different pizzas to choose from; rosemary potatoes, four cheese or even salmon with caviar.

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19th. Pizza e Birra – Jakarta, Indonesia

As the name suggests, they focus on pizza and beer and are seriously good at both of them. The pizzas are thin and crispy and made for sharing, which makes it the perfect place to visit with friends.

Add in sports on the TVs and a solid selection of great craft beers and you will be in heaven.

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18th. Pitfire Pizza – Dubai, UAE

Usually, pizzas here are a mix between two classics – what they describe as “New York meets Neapolitan”.

That means their pizzas are made with Italian Caputo OO flour but then mixed to a New York Style dough recipe. The end result? An absolute masterpiece with wonderful spongey crusts and a light and fluffy interior.

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17th. Pizza Fabbrica – Bali, Indonesia

Much of the food in Bali is for the health conscious but sometimes you want to let your hair down and enjoy yourself with some pizza.

Their pies are thin and crispy and come loaded with delicious toppings. They also have some great side dishes – it’s the sort of place you’ll stay on for a couple of drinks with friends.

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Pizza in Asia

16th. Alvy’s – Hong Kong

This neighbourhood craft beer bar serves up some seriously tasty pizzas. Alvy’s sourdough pizzas are based on a sour beer fermentation and come with an array of classic and quirky toppings.

Think: Gruyere béchamel sauce or char siu pork.

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15th. Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza – Manila, The Philippines

Their pizzas are cooked in a traditional Italian-style with dough that has been baked in house and proves for at least a day.

They then cook the pizza within a couple of minutes at 400C which results in a perfect crust. The toppings are what really bring their pizzas alive. Never a dull meal in here.

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14th. Finzione da Pizza – Saudi Arabia

They serve up Italian food that is just as delicious as any great restaurant in Rome. Their pastas and risotto are stunning, but you come here for the pizza first and foremost.

Classically Neapolitan in style with big thick spongey crusts, with toppings that are as fresh as it gets. World-class.

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13th. The Pizza Bakery – Bangalore, India

The Pizza Bakery’s dough is based on a sourdough mix and at the core of everything that they do. Add in a delicious tomato sauce and superbly fresh toppings and you can see why they are so popular.

Their choice of craft beers to complement the pizzas just makes it even better.

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12th. Pizzeria LUGARA – Kyoto, Japan

Their pizzas are made with a very traditional Italian base but where they really come into their own is with their innovative toppings. This is true East-meets-West fusion cooking while keeping a focus on the core qualities of both cuisines.

A world-class Asian pizza eating experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

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11th. Gemma – Shanghai, China

Gemma’s pizzas just might be some of the best in Shanghai because of their fresh ingredients that they frequently import. The pizzas here are Neapolitan-style, meaning it’s cooked in a wood-fire oven and made to perfection.

Try their signature pie the Gemma Pizza here.

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Best pizza in Asia

10th. Seirinkan – Tokyo, Japan

Seirinkan was one of the first Neapolitan-style pizza restaurants in the city and is considered the original Tokyo pizza pioneer. They’re a unique Tokyo Neapolitan-style (the dough is saltier than the Italian version) and utterly delicious.

There’s just two pizzas you can order here: Margherita or a Marinara. Why mess with perfection?

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Tokyo Japan

9th. Pizza Belga – Hanoi, Vietnam

Hands down, Pizza Belga is Hanoi’s most authentic pizzeria. The traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas are baked in a wood-burning oven and generously topped with fresh, natural ingredients. You’ll find toppings here that you’ll struggle to get elsewhere: creamy burrata and truffle oil.

Round off the meal with some home-made Belgian beers and freshly made cannoli.

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Pizza in Asia

8th. Bottega – Beijing, China

Bottega is a legit pizza joint in Beijing that is run by two brothers from the home of pizza, Naples. They make their pizzas using wood-fired ovens and the quality of their pies are supreme. All of their ingredients come from back home in Italy, so you know you’re getting top quality here.

For an authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, try their Margherita pizza here as it’s probably one of the best in the city.

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Pizza in Asia

7th. Italiani’s Pizza – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

With several locations around the city, Italiani’s Pizza make fresh dough, use the freshest imported mozzarella and cook the pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

With vine ripened tomatoes making a delicious tomato sauce, this is as close to a real Italian pizza you will find in Asia. Absolute perfection every single time.

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Pizza in Asia

6th. Motorino – Hong Kong

This stylish pizzeria with two HK locations does perfectly thin and crispy pizzas, with a range of gourmet toppings. Controversial, but the Brussel Sprout pizza is a must-try: Fior Di Latte, Brussels Sprouts, Pancetta, Garlic and Pecorino.

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5th. Proof Pizza + Wine – Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Proper wood-fired pizza with the oven bringing vibrancy and a wonderful smell to the whole room as soon as you walk in the door. Take into account their great wine list, and this is the sort of place that you’ll never want to leave.

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4th. Pizza Studio Tamaki – Tokyo, Japan

A special sort of ‘Tokyo Neapolitan’ style pizza, the dough here is extra fine and pizzas fired up in a Japanese cedar wood oven. If you’re lucky enough to grab one of the few seats at Pizza Studio Tamaki, be sure to order the simple Marinara. Perfection.

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50 Best PIzza Asia

3rd. KYTALY – Hong Kong

This beautiful terrace restaurant has gourmet pizzas with a light and fluffy base and is easily one of the tastiest Hong Kong pizza in the city.

The real heroes here are the premium ingredients… Mozzarella from “Caseificio Il Casolare”, Black Casertano pig, Riccio tomatoes, Cetara anchovies or Crisommola apricots from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius.

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Hong Kong best pizza asia

2nd. Gustoso – Mumbai, India

Gustoso is a beautiful diner that The fine woody interiors makes it classy. Pour yourself some wine from the gorgeous wine bar and dig into these pies.

They use the freshest produce, cook it from scratch and change the menu with the seasons. Think creamy burrata and San Marzano sauce.

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Mumbai Pizza

1st. Pizza Massilia – Bangkok, Thailand

A multi-award winning pizza that is all about the core ingredients and their dough, which they prove for 28 hours. They then cook it in less than two minutes in piping hot ovens for that perfect crust. The funky food truck that they serve them from is just part of the attraction.

Once you taste one of their pizzas once you’ll be addicted for life. Pizza just doesn’t get any better than this.

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Best Asian Pizza


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