Where to Find the Best Pizza in New Mexico

The 7 Best Pizzas In New Mexico

You can guarantee that pizza in New Mexico will always be created with a delicious twist. From tongue-tingling chile toppings to any variety of tooth-picking nuts (walnut, piñon – you name it, they have it), the chefs have your back. 

You want pizza heaven? Here you go – our choices for the seven best pizzas in New Mexico.

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1. Golden Crown Panaderia Neighborhood Bakery – Albuquerque

This unique father-son pizzeria has some fairly unusual crust choices that make it special. Try a new pizza creation with a choice of blue corn crust, New Mexico green chile crust, or peasant crust and discover a pie variety you never knew existed.

Best Pizza in New Mexico

2. Cafe Rio Pizza – Ruidoso

Everything at Cafe Rio is made from scratch, which likely accounts for the full flavour you’ll find in every single bite. They’ve been serving East Coast-style pizza since 1993, so they’ve had time to perfect their recipe, which yields the perfect balance of sauce, crust, and toppings.

Pizza in New Mexico

3. Back Road Pizza – Santa Fe

There’s nothing quite like the pizza at Back Road Pizza. It’s as unique as can be. Their famous thin crust pizza features a Santa Fe twist. They use a flour crust that they roll in cornmeal for a unique flavour and texture. Then they top it off with only the freshest ingredients. Tasty is an understatement.

Where to Find the Best Pizza in New Mexico

4. Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria – Albuquerque

Craving a true taste of Italy? Head to Amore, which is Albuquerque’s first and only spot with certifiably authentic, hand-crafted, Neapolitan pizza. They import their flour and tomatoes straight from Italy. And, their dough, sauce, bread and Mozzarella cheese are all fresh crafted in-house. Pizza’s never tasted to good.

New Mexico Pizza

5. The Pizza Barn – Edgewood

Serving up 22 different kinds of tasty beers on tap and big-screen TVs in a big red barn is only part of what makes The Pizza Barn so unique and desirable. Their world-class pizzas are also out of this world. Definitely try the green chile pizza in order to sample some fine chiles, pepperoni, and quality crust.

6. Pizza Mill & Sub Factory – Alamogordo

The folks here have been serving quality pizza to locals since 1975. They’ve had plenty of time to perfect their recipe, and boy is it actually near perfect. Ooey-gooey and delightfully cheesy, all of their pies are tasty. But, we suggest digging into their Between the Borders, which comes with Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, and green chiles.

7. Giovanni’s Pizzeria – Albuquerque

There’s a reason why this pizza place has been voted as having some of the best pizza in the entire country.  The pies they serve are authentic and classic, featuring a tasty range of toppings and options. Seeing as you’re in New Mexico, we suggest ordering the, well, New Mexican. It comes with chicken, ricotta, garlic, red onions and green chile.

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