The 7 Best Pizzas In Tulsa

Asking if the pizza in Tulsa is amazing is a question you don’t need an answer to – it really has some of the best in the entire state of Oklahoma. Indeed, there are many who would argue that the pizzas here would give those in NYC or (yikes!) Naples a good run for their money.

Which ones to visit, though? And which toppings to choose? Take a look at our selections for the seven best pizzas in Tulsa and you’ll have those queries answered in full.


Best Pizza In TulsaHow do these rankings work?

1. Andolini’s Pizzeria

Andolini’s Pizzeria is so famous that it’s on numerous lists of the best pizza in Oklahoma, if not the entire country or dare we say…the world. Compare a slice of Andolini’s pizza to any slice you’d find in Italy and there’s really no comparison. The pizza here is perfectly cheesy and topped with just the right amount of ingredients. Pair that with the 25 delicious beers they’ve got on tap and this is one hot spot.

Best Pizza in Tulsa

2. Umberto’s New York Style Pizzeria

New York-style pizza in the heart of Oklahoma? Yep, that’s exactly what you can find at Umberto’s. Head here hungry as you’re going to want to start off with some tasty garlic knots before you settle in for a delicious meal of their pizza by the slice. This means that you can sample a variety of different flavours using their red or alfredo sauce as a base.

3. East Village Bohemian Pizzeria

If trendy is what you’re after then you really can’t beat the unique, eclectic decor at East Village Bohemian Pizzeria. It’s also one of the only spots in Tulsa where you can order and enjoy authentic, old-world Neapolitan pizza straight from a wood-fired oven. What makes the pizza here so special is the fact that they use a mix of imported Italian ingredients and locally-sourced produce. The result? Irresistible pizza.

4. Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen Tulsa

Ooey gooey and overflowing with flavour, the wood-fired pizzas at Napa Flats are so delicious that you’re going to want to make sure you order an extra to take home. Expect nothing less than full Italian flavour and some added Californian flare. Traditional-style pizzas pair perfectly with the wine and gelato they serve to hungry guests. And, come on, what’s tastier than the delicious Italian trifecta of pizza, wine, and gelato?

5. Pie Hole Pizzeria

There’s something undeniably trendy about Pie Hole Pizzeria. Whether it’s the red brick exterior or the garage-like interior, it’s hard to say. But, one thing’s for sure…the pizza here is some of the best in Tulsa. You’ll find slices for just $2.50 apiece and inventive flavours such as Pesto Pie and Pollo Blanco. Go ahead and order by the slice as it’s the best way to try all of the mouthwatering flavours they’ve got.

6. Savastano’s Pizzeria

No list of the best pizza in Tulsa would be complete without mentioning Savastano’s Pizzeria. The legendary Chicago-style pies here are truly some of the best in the world. They take a perfectly golden crust and mould it into a deep dish. Then they smother it all with savoury red sauce, fresh ingredients, and the cheesiest of cheese. If your mouth is watering just looking at the photo then wait until you actually taste it.

7. Hideaway Pizza

Usually, we shy away from showcasing chain restaurants. However, seeing as Hideaway Pizza is a local Oklahoma chain, and considering how delicious the pizza is, it deserves a spot on any list of the best pizzas in Tulsa. You’ll find spots all over Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and other places throughout the state. But, there’s something special about the Tulsa locations. Settle in for an evening of decadence and flavour as you dive into their famous ATW pizza.

Best Pizza in Tulsa

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