Best Pizza in Vermont

The 7 Best Pizzas In Vermont

The Green Mountain State has many things to recommend it, but when it comes to food, pizza in Vermont is the thing. From intimate hometown restaurants to kitchens where chefs swirl around dough with a circumference the size of a Saturn ring (only a slight overstatement!), you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

Here are our picks for the seven best pizzas in Vermont. The doors to foodie heaven are now open.

Best Pizzas In Vermont

1. Positive Pie Inc. – Montpelier

Positive Pie is a pizzeria offering flavourful pizzas made from old school heritage and a new age Vermont mindset. They’ve found the perfect balance between using authentic Italian flavours and Vermont style to craft some of the best pizzas in the state. Everything is made from scratch, which ensures consistent, delicious flavours in every single bite you take.

2. The Parker Pie Company – West Glover

Located at the back of a hometown country store, The Parker Pie Company delivers quality in a true community atmosphere. This foodie destination is not to be missed, as they specialise in freshly-baked pizzas and a delicious revolving beer menu that highlights local Vermont brews. World-class beer and cheesy pizzas…what more could you ask for in terms of the best pizza in Vermont?

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3. iPie Pizzeria – Killington

The pizzas at iPie are so delicious that there’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to order just one. Here, they’re famous for their hand-mixed and hand-tossed pizzas which they top with local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. On top of whipping up truly delicious pizzas, they’re also pretty creative with their menu. The Bacon Jalapeño Ricotta Pie, for example, features a mix of flavours you’ve likely never experienced before.

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4. Folino’s Wood Fired Pizza – Shelburne

Folino’s is the kind of place you’d head for a delicious evening dining experience with friends and family. The make the wood-fired pizza here using fresh ingredients which they pile on top of one of the tastiest crusts in the state. The spot is BYOB which means you can plan an evening here, bring a few friends, a couple of bottles of wine, and enjoy indulging in the best pizza in Vermont.

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5. Vermont Pie & Pasta Company – Derby

More than just a pizza joint, Vermont Pie & Pasta Company is a full-on Italian restaurant offering a familiar atmosphere and quality service. Because they’re well-known for superb cuisine, you’ll find that the pizzas here are truly inventive. The Applewood Smoked Bacon & Chicken comes with San Marzano tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, roasted chicken, caramelised onions and smoked Gouda. Commence drooling.

6. Pizza On Main – Morristown

When visiting Vermont you’ll find that a lot of places claim to offer high-quality, authentic maple syrup. And, a lot of them actually do. However, if you’re in for a savoury syrup kind of treat, you can’t beat the Mo-Maple pizza at Pizza on Main. It’s a pizza that they created locally in Morrisville using nothing but the world’s finest Vermont maple syrup and fresh ingredients. There’s nothing else quite like it.

7. Ramunto’s Brick & Brew Pizza – Bridgewater

If you’re a stickler for how places prepare and serve pizza crust then you’ll find yourself fantasising about the crust at Ramunto’s long after you’ve devoured it all. It’s famous for being crisp yet chewy, light and full of flavour. But, really, every other aspect of their pizza is just as well-prepared and flavourful. An incredibly impressive menu full of craft beers pairs oh-so-well with the irresistible pizzas they serve here, too.

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