The 7 Best Pizzas In West Virginia

Thin crust, deep base, freshly baked dough, finger-popping cheese bubbles and so many tastebud-tempting toppings there just isn’t enough room on the plate – yes, pizza in West Virginia has a deserved reputation for their intense flavours and wafting aromas.

It’s difficult to narrow down the best, but here are our options for the seven best pizzas in West Virginia. (It’s a tough job, we know, but someone has to do it.)

Best Pizza In West Virginia

1. Pies & Pints – Fayetteville

With a name like Pies & Pints, is it really hard to see what makes this one of the best places for pizza in West Virginia? Start with a specialty pizza, which is made with a blend of provolone and mozzarella on their house-made, hand-tossed dough. They then sprinkle some roasted garlic oil and kosher salt on the crust to give it an extra flavourful kick. Wash it all down with any one of their 20 beers on tap and you’ve got yourself a foodie’s perfect meal.

2. Vito’s Pizza – Clarksburg

Vito’s Pizza is a family-owned and operated pizza joint in Clarksburg that’s been a local staple in the foodie community for decades. Upon stepping foot inside of the restaurant, you’re immediately hit with a whiff of the tantalising smell of rising dough, savoury sauce, and freshly-baked pizza pies. They taste as good as they smell, which is truly saying a lot.

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3. The Pizza Place – Parkersburg

Naples is the starting point for the story of The Pizza Place. This pizza joint has roots in Naples, first, and then later in New York. Now, it’s one of the best spots for pizza in West Virginia where they serve authentic Sicilian pizza. The flavours taste like something you’d only find during a visit to Italy. Devour a Deluxe Sicilian, which includes Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, banana peppers, and other delectable ingredients.

4. Pizza Al’s of Granville – Morgantown

Numerous guests have claimed that the pizza here tastes so similar to authentic Italian pizza that’s it almost seems too good to be true. Pizza Al’s will teach you a thing or two about what pizza is supposed to taste like. From the traditional to the white and including every topping imaginable, a slice here is always consistently delicious and bursting with flavour.

5. Giovanni’s Pizza – Charleston

Thin-sliced pizza is the star of the show here. Thinly-sliced and pouring over with ooey-gooey cheese, once you get your teeth into a pizza pie here your life will be changed forever. This is a spot for late-night pizza stops as locals love the New York-style slices they whip up. Try one that comes with ranch sauce, shredded mozzarella, provolone cheese, all-white grilled chicken pieces and bacon. It’s irresistible.

Best Pizza in West Virginia

6. King’s New York Pizza – Martinsburg

The Colandrea family runs and operates the small chain of King’s New York Pizza. Their Italian roots mix with their American ones to form a unique fusion of passion and dedication the comes to life in the form of flavourful pizza. And what’s even better is that they give you choices. Fancy a thin-crust New York-style pizza? They’ve got it. Interested in a thicker crust and Sicilian-style pie? They’ve got that, too!

7. DiCarlo’s Pizza – Wheeling

The DiCarlo family brought pizza first to Ohio back in the 1940s. Now, they’ve taken West Virginia by storm with their famous slices. Melt-in-your-mouth slices are cut and served individually. Or you can order a whole pie to yourself. Everything here is personalised, which means you can create your own pizza any way you want it. You know, just the way it’s supposed to be.

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