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7 Popular Belgian Drinks You Have To Try

Belgium is home to some of the world’s favourite food and beverages, with amazing non-alcoholic and alcoholic Belgian drinks to sample. Famous for its Trappist beers, you’ll be in heaven here with rich ales, fruity beers and so much more.

If you can’t visit here right now, you can still learn more about how the must-try coffee styles, tea, sodas or what cocktails locals are ordering in bars – and maybe even try making some of these authentic tipples at home!

Popular Belgian Drinks

1. Duvel

Duvel is a famed Belgian pale ale with a high alcohol content (8.5%). Classic Duvel is made from Scottish yeast, and interestingly enough the second fermentation happens in the bottle.

This smooth ale has a strong hop flavour, citrus, spice, and floral aromas. When eating it is usually paired with aged cheese, seafood, and grilled or roasted meat.

2. Black Russian

Did you know that the Black Russian dates back to 1949 in Brussels? his well-known cocktail consists of vodka and Kahlua coffee liqueur. The word Russian in its name refers to the use of vodka!

The cocktail is traditionally prepared by shaking vodka and Kahlua, then serving it on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass without garnishes. There are also several other versions of this cocktail, such as Dirty Black Russian, Black Magic, Brown Russian, and California Russian.

3. Kriek Lambic

These fruit beers are made with cherries, whole, macerated, or crushed cherries are added to aged lambics, and the beer then continues maturation.

Kriek lambics may differ in the finish, but they are usually refreshing and crisp with a typically dry and tart finish.


4. Jenever

This juniper-flavored traditional liquor originates from Belgium and adjoining areas in the region. Many people confuse Jenever for gin but there are some key differences. Gin can be distilled from any raw material, while genever is always made from grains like rye, malted barley, and corn.

You usually pour Jenever to the rim of the glass, so we suggest that you don’t pick up the glass, but rather bend over and try to get the first sip without touching it!

5. Witbier

This traditional Belgian wheat beer style that has ancient origins. The beers are usually pale, cloudy, smooth, refreshing, clean, and crisp. Most varieties get some extra spice from coriander and citrus zest and typically orange peel.

They have typical malt sweetness and a little to no hop taste. Witbier goes best with salads, seafood, citrus-based desserts, and sheep or goat cheese.

6. Dubbel

Dubbel is a rich brown beer that originates in Belgium.

Unlike other brown beers, typical Belgian dubbel gets its flavour from candi sugar, this thick and dark caramel syrup add extra flavour to the wort. These beers typically range from amber to copper and have flavours such as; toffee, raisins, malt, and dark fruit.

7. Lambic

Lambic is a traditional Belgian beer style that has its roots in Brussels and the region of Pajottenland. It must have a minimum of 30% wheat, and the wort is always fermented with naturally occurring wild yeasts.

These beers always have a unique and unpredictable character. Many batches of lambic are sometimes blended, this type of lambic is called gueuze or geuze, and it’s known to be a more palatable version.

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