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7 Popular Greek Drinks You Have To Try

Greece is home to some of the world’s favourite food and beverages, with amazing non-alcoholic and alcoholic Greek drinks to sample. From shots of ouzo to creamy coffees and herbal teas, there’s plenty of tasty drinks to sip on here.

If you can’t visit here right now, you can still learn more about how the must-try coffee styles, tea, sodas or what cocktails locals are ordering in bars – and maybe even try making some of these authentic tipples at home!

Popular Greek Drinks

1. Soumada

Produced on the island of Crete, Soumada is a syrupy non-alcoholic, almond-based drink. It is made with a mixture of almonds, sugar, and water, then simmered in sugar syrup to create this signature Cretan drink.

The almond syrup often has bitter almond essence or almond extract, cinnamon sticks, cloves, or orange peel for added flavour.

2. Frappe

Greek Frappe is the tasty result of combining instant coffee with water and ice. The combination is usually prepared in a shaker or a hand mixer, so when the drink is poured in a glass it has a frothy foam on top the top.

Traditionally, this coffee comes in a tall glass, and three different levels of sweetness are available.

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3. Ouzo

One of the most famous Greek specialties, it has a similar taste to sambuca. The alcohol is diluted with water and flavoured with a combination of aniseed and various botanicals, such as fennel seeds, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, or angelica.

The traditional way to drink ouzo is with water, which gives it a cloudy appearance. In Greece, ouzo is popular to order along with traditional meze dishes – you should always be slowly sip it!

Greek drinks

4. Espresso Freddo

This simple Greek coffee combines espresso and ice. What makes the freddo so special is that the two ingredients are blended until the coffee is slightly chilled, smooth, and creamy.

Sweeten the drink according to preference, but you should add sugar before you blend it! You can see how to make it at home.

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5. Tsikoudia

Tsikoudia is a Cretan spirit that is distilled from the solid remains that are left after the grapes have been pressed.

This clear and colourless drink has a high alcohol content that can vary from 40% to 65%. Tsikoudia is usually only distilled once, helping it preserve its natural flavours and aromas.

6. Tsai tou vounou

Tsai tou vounou or mountain tea, is an herbal tea that comes from the Greek mountains. You can drink it as it is, but many people add honey or sugar.

The Greeks love tea- camomile and linden are also a firm favourite, but tsai tou vounou is the most popular one.

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7. Retsina

This ancient Greek wine gets its flavour from resin, which is the sticky sap that comes from pine trees.

Traditionally white or rosé wines are the first pick to make it, while the typical grapes include the native Savatiano, Assyrtiko, Rhoditis, and Athiri.

Greek drinks

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