The 7 Best Portland Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Portland, Oregon

The food and drink scene in this city has been a leading light in America for years so we wanted to pick out the seven best Portland burgers.

The competition was tough so narrowing it down to just seven was the trickiest part. From the big fat burgers loaded with toppings to a simple cheeseburger served with craft beer, we have something for everybody.

So get an appetite worked up and head on down and try these incredible Portland burgers

Best burgers in PortlandHow do these rankings work?

1. Stanich’s

Stanich’s is a piece of Portland history, this family own restaurant was once named the best cheeseburger in the US.

A firm favourite is the Special Hamburger topped with ham and a fried egg, prepare for a messy bite with these delicious burgers!


2. Little Big Burger

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2010, Little Big Burger is a fast-casual restaurant concept offering fresh, high quality cooked-to-order burgers, truffle fries and root beer floats. They’ve since spread their wings to four other states as word spreads about their gorgeous offering. A must-try.

Portland Burgers

3. Stammtisch

Stammtisch is a great German pub that has the best German biers available in Portland, with select rotating handles and a food menu that matches perfectly. Their burger featuring a pretzel bun is the best of America and Germany combined in one handful of goodness.

Stammtisch Hamburger in Portland

4. Burger Stevens

Burger Stevens has two locations in the city where they serve up monster sized burgers that are always absolutely loaded with toppings. Along with their super crispy fries, you need to finish the meal with their “proper soft serve” which is just the most wonderful treat you could ever wish for.

Burger Stevens in Portland

5. Expatriate

Serving no-frill burgers, simple garnishes, and keeping it classic. This small little gem serves up some truly delicious burgers.

And wash it all down with one of their handcrafted cocktails!


6. PDX Sliders

They were voted as the 5th best burger joint in USA by Yelp and it’s not hard to see why. Their double bacon cheeseburger redefines the whole genre with perfectly oozing cheese and the juiciest patties you could ever imagine. Look out for their food truck and catering options as well as their loaded fries.

PDX Sliders Hamburger in Portland

7. Portland Burger

Excellent food which is fast, and reasonably priced. They have burgers on the grill, the music turned up, and the beer flowing. They promise to make their burgers fresh daily using the best ground beef and also make all their sauces from scratch. A superb (and delicious) place for a big feast.

Portland Burger

After all that eating you’ll want to walk it off so whey not check out the 7 most Instagrammable spots in Oregon.

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