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The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Portland, Oregon

If any city could be said to have a Hall of Flame (see what we did there?) for the quality and taste of their ribs, then it has to be Portland. Think subtle and sweet, in-your-face and spicy – either way, the flavoursome choices on offer are astonishing.

Read through our list, select your favourites (spoiler: they’re all amazing), meet up with your buddies, and prepare to eat the best of the very best Portland ribs…


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1. Reverend’s BBQ

Reverend’s BBQ has a highly tempting menu of smoked meats and drool-worthy sides, including comfort food classics like fried chicken, hushpuppies, and wedge salad. There are classic St Louis-style pork ribs, with succulent and tender meat that falls off the bone.

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2. The People’s Pig

There are some places that you go to eat for the pure fun and enjoyment of the experience, and this is one such place. But the People’s Pig is also a place where quality food reigns supreme, and the ribs are the perfect example of this.

The ribs are juicy, come in huge portion sizes and will leave you licking your fingers with joy.

3. Podnah’s BBQ

Podnah’s BBQ smokes its meats fresh daily, starting at 5am using 100% oak hardwood for a Texas-style flavour. They serve up St Louis ribs every day but stop by on Monday for the chance to chow down on their tender beef ribs. Beautifully sticky, with a rich charring and meat that falls off the bone.

4. Southland Whiskey Kitchen

For a taste of the South, this Southern barbecue restaurant hits the spot time and time again. Southland Whiskey Kitchen has a menu that’s chockablock with hearty fare – smokey meats, Creole-shrimp and freshly baked cornbreads. The ribs, though, are a real highlight. They’re St. Louis style spare ribs, served with house-made slaw and Cajun french fries.

5. Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que

Famous Dave’s has evolved into a nationwide barbecue chain for a reason – the bbq here really is delicious. Before serving up their tender ribs, ribs, they pull them out of the smoker and toss them on the grill to caramelize the sauces, creating a chargrilled sweetness on the outside locking in the deep-down smoky flavour.

6. Miss Delta Restaurant and Bar

This Southern-style restaurant is all about Cajun fare and other specialities, from crispy catfish to homebaked cornbread. While all the meats are to-die-for, the ribs go above and beyond in terms of flavours. The ribs have the juiciest, most succulent meat you could ever imagine, which when combined with their special homemade sauces is just an absolute delight.

7. Matt’s BBQ

The pitmaster here learned how to smoke meat in Australia, which isn’t something you’d particularly expect out of American BBQ. However, it works really well for him, and customers seem to find it extremely satisfying. From tender, juicy brisket to white-oak-smoked ribs, there’s nothing here that doesn’t taste absolutely delicious.

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