The 7 best Porto burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Porto

Porto burgers are among the very best in Portugal, so we set out to find the best that this wonderful city has to offer.

From the huge tasty burgers packed full of fillings to the classic cheeseburgers, there is something on this list for everybody.

So grab a couple of friends, work up an appetite and get ready to try some of the very best Porto burger joints…

Best burgers in PortoHow do these rankings work?

1. Real Hamburgueria

To say their portions are huge would be an understatement. Your biggest challenge here will be figuring out how to tackle the burger (without cutlery!) and finishing it all.

Super fresh meat with the tastiest toppings, all rounded off with their super crunchy homemade fries.

Porto Burgers

2. Honorato Clérigos

They combine their burgers with some of the best craft beer and cocktails in the city. Add in super friendly staff and a buzzing room, and this is easily one of the best restaurants in the city.

The burgers are made using the freshest of ingredients; classic in style and tasty toppings.


3. Backson’s Fine Burgers and Mussels

Probably one of the only restaurants in the world that combine mussels and burgers as their specialities. They pull it off with considerable style though.

The burgers come with classic toppings and alongside a large selection of craft beers, it makes this the perfect spot to start a night out with friends.

Porto Burgers


CURB does American-style burgers served up in a casual setting that are absolutely packed full of flavour. The perfect size to pick up and eat in two hands without having to worry about cutlery.

As soon as you bite into these burgers you’ll already be planning your next visit.

5. Munchie The Burger Kitchen

There’s a large selection of really good burgers including a seriously good veggie option. Their toppings are inventive which is what will keep you coming back to try all the different varieties.

6. MARIANUS Hamburgueres

The sort of burger joint that ticks all the boxes with great beer, terrific home cooked fries and some of the tastiest burgers you could ever imagine.

They place a large emphasis on only having the freshest of ingredients, which really shows in the end product. Divine.

7. Black Mamba

They do really good salads, sweet treats and doughnuts, but it is all about the star of the show here: the burger. It’s super juicy and comes with thick, tasty chips.

Perfectly sized with fresh toppings, this really is truly one of the great Porto burgers.

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