Portuguese dishes

7 Traditional Portuguese Dishes To Try When Visiting

Great travel memories often revolve around food, so if you are visiting Portugal you have to try these Portuguese dishes. With a unique cooking style and wonderfully fresh ingredients, the food in the country really is to die for. Bread, rice, spices, pastries, sausages, and seafood are the staples of most dishes.

If you want to make a checklist of eats to try, or even try some Portuguese recipes without visiting, we have some brilliant dishes for you. These aren’t just any recipes either as they come from some of the world’s best food bloggers. Foodies at the very top of their game.

Make sure to bookmark the recipes and follow these great bloggers’ other dishes as you will be in for some serious treats. Prepare to drool…

Traditional Portuguese Food Recipes

1. Portuguese Fish Stew

This fish stew, known as caldeirada de peixe, can be found in restaurants and homes throughout Portugal. Many Portuguese restaurants outside of Portugal also offer this delicious traditional dish–which is a lucky thing for all those who long for that taste of back home goodness.

Recipe created by Nelson & Liz.

2. Flan

This flan is the perfect dessert for a special dinner. It’s a very simple recipe to prepare, very tasty and with excellent presentation. If you invite friends for dinner, serve this delicious pudding for dessert… Bon appetit!!

Recipe created by Food from Portugal.

3. Spiced Wine Braised Octopus

The are some great wines in Portugal and along with octopus they are two key ingredients in the country. This recipe brings together the best of both worlds. If you’ve never cooked octopus before, this recipe is the perfect place to start,

Recipe created by Nicole.

Portuguese dishes

4. Pastel de Nata

The famous Pastel de Nata Portuguese Egg Tarts are a rich eggy custard-like tart encased in a crispy and flaky crust. These beauties are widely available all over the world now, but nothing beats eating them from a bakery in Portugal itself.

Recipe created by Jessica.

Portuguese dishes

5. Peri Peri Chicken

Spicy piri piri chicken, peri peri chicken or homemade Nando’s chicken, Portuguese chicken baked in the oven, soft tender meat and crispy spicy skin. Tender and full of flavour…

Recipe created by Adina.

Portuguese dishes

6. Deviled Prawns

This is a recipe from Madeira – a small island that belongs to Portugal. It is basically prawns dipped in a spicy sauce that is absolutely delicious. In Portuguese it is called Gambas á diablo.

Recipe created by Maria

Portuguese dishes

7. Bôla Sovada

This traditional bread is simple to make and will have you feeling seriously satisfied when you bite into that perfect crust. One of the tastiest Portuguese dishes you will ever try.

Recipe created by Susana.

Portuguese dishes

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