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7 Portuguese Foods To Try In Lisbon

Are you on the hunt for delicious Portuguese food in Lisbon? The busy Portuguese capital has tons to choose from with Portuguese restaurants on every corner. Whether you are looking for a big cheesy francesinha or traditional açorda, this list has you covered. Hop into any restaurant on this list for a delicious Portuguese meal after exploring Lisbon.

Portuguese Foods To Try In Lisbon

1. Bacalhau à bras

Combine shredded salted cod with sliced onions, chopped potatoes and scrambled eggs for this Lisbon staple. Its roots lie in the city’s Bairro Alto, so what better place to taste it than in the capital itself? Head over to A Casa Do Bacalhau to get your first taste.

2. Francesinha

This next dish is the ultimate pilgrimage for sandwich lovers. Portugal’s francesinha consists of juicy ham, chipolata sausage and roast beef and cheese between two thick slices of bread. As if that’s not enough, the massive sandwich is then smothered in a thick tomato beer sauce. Get your first fix at Lucimar.

3. Azeitão cheese

Originating from the charming Portuguese town of Azeitão, this cheese is a must-try in Lisbon. Because of its rich and smooth taste it’s a perfect choice to pair with a bold red wine. Head over to Time Out Market to pick up a few pieces.

4. Bifana

Next up for sandwich gurus is the bifana. Thin slabs of pork soaked in white wine are sauteed to a perfect texture then wedged between a soft bun. You can try a bifana at most food stalls, but for the best head to As Bifanas do Afonso.

image: @jusluvcooking/instagram

5. Pastéis de Nata

These Portuguese custard tarts exist solely to make your pastry dreams come true. Deliciously rich egg custard fills a crisp but soft tart before it’s dusted with sugar and charred. Don’t miss the chance to try this tasty Portuguese treat. Get your first of many at Manteigaria.

Portuguese Food

6. Açorda

Rustic bread and hearty amounts of cilantro and garlic make this popular soup a hit. Typically it’s topped with a poached egg and is a favourite on the dinner tables of Alentejano. While it isn’t found everywhere, you can definitely get it at Pap’Açorda. 

We reckon it’s one of the best examples of simple Portuguese food there is.

Portuguese Food
image: @wineenthusiast/instagram

7. Caldo Verde

Are you on vacation but still trying to keep your figure in check? You can’t go wrong with Caldo Verde. The main ingredient is that of the Health Gods – kale. In addition to kale, it’s made with potatoes, collard greens, ham hock and loads of olive oil. It’s nutritious, filling and can’t be missed while in the Portuguese capital. Have yourself a big bowl at O Caldo Verde.

Portuguese Food
image: @brazilian.kitchen/instagram
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